Epitaph is one of the original maps to come with Halo 3 and is frequently used in the Lone Wolves, Rumble Pit, Team SWAT, and Team Doubles playlists.


[edit] Weapons

Weapons on Epitaph include:

[edit] Equipment and Powerup Items

[edit] Strategies

This map is very common in the playlists Team Doubles, Rumble Pit, and Lone Wolves. Controlling power weapons on this map is possibly a more important factor on this map than on any other. Controlling the Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, and Gravity Hammer for the whole game is essential in team games. In free for all gametypes, all you can usually do is take what you find. In team games, its usually best to control the small portal area. This is where the Bubble Shield spawns. By using the Bubble Shield along with either a Shotgun or Gravity Hammer, your practically invincible for a short period of time. This area also gives you a good oversight of the map, and comes with the protection of two shield doors on the right side. By controlling this area though, you have the risk of not getting to the Rocket Launcher first, due to the fact that the portal that takes you there is on the other side of the map. Its best to anticipate when it will spawn, rather than to go once you see that it is there. Be sure to take control of the Active Camo and Overshield as well. The Active Camo spawns at the bottom of the ramp, next to the small portal. The Overshield spawns close to the bottom of the larger portal. Power weapons can easily take out an opponent with an Overshield when used correctly. Also remember, its possible to deflect rockets from the Rocket Launcher by swinging the Gravity Hammer. This can be a useful tactic for defending against the enemy with a Rocket Launcher, although it is usually best just to dodge the rocket when you can.

Another good area to stay at is near the Rocket Launcher spawn. There's several large support beams that you can jump onto from the Rocket Launcher spawn. By staying here, your practically guaranteed to get the Rocket Launcher first every time it spawns. Your also well-hidden from the majority of the map, and short range weapons are easy to avoid. At the top of the support beams where you can stand, there's also a hole that drops down onto the second level of the map. This is useful for sneaking up on enemies, as you can drop down and assassinate them before they knew where you were.

[edit] Epilogue

Since Halo 3's debut, many maps were changed significantly via matchmaking. While the original Epitaph still stands on playlists such as Rumble Pit and Multi Team, Team Doubles and Team SWAT have a different version of the map, named Epilogue.

[edit] Changes

Unlike Epitaph, Epilogue fails to boast any of the golden shield doors, found between doorways on various parts of the map. A few of the weapons have also been changed.

[edit] Weapon Setup

  • Rocket Launcher: Instead of being in the top middle platform, the Rocket Launcher is now found in the middle of the map on the ground floor, at the original Hammer Spawn. Each Rocket Launcher spawns every 90 seconds and boasts 2 rockets per pickup, unlike the original 4.
  • Brute Shot: The original Rocket Launcher location has now been replaced with a Brute Shot. The Brute Shot spawns in the top middle platform.
  • Shotgun : The Shotgun is still in its original location, but the amount of additional ammo upon pickup has been reduced.
  • Battle Rifle: Battle Rifles now spawn on each side of the middle room, both on the high floor and the low floor.
  • Needler: The Needler can now be found where the original Power Drain was found, behind the Golden Lift.
  • Sniper Rifle: The Sniper Rifle has now been added to this map. Boasting a total of eight shots, it can be found near the original location of the Brute Shot, directly on top of the old Active Camo.
  • Plasma Grenade: Plasma's are now found scattered throughout the map, mainly in the location of the old Spike Grenade locations.

[edit] Equipment and Powerup Items

  • Equipment
    • Bubble Shield: The Bubble Shield is now found in the original location of the Active Camo.
    • Regenerator: The Regen has been added to the walkway leading towards the Shotgun.
  • Power ups
    • Overshield: Overshield can now be found in front of the Golden Lift, on the ground floor, in plain sight.
    • Active Camo: Active Camo is found at the original location of the Bubble Shield.

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