Exodus is the seventh level in the campaign of Halo: Reach and sixth playable one. This the first out of two levels where the player does not get to fight alongside Noble Team. However this is the first and last level where the player gets to fight along side the ODST Bullfrogs. Who use Jet Packs to jump places. The level starts off in front of the ruins of the Covenant Super Carrier, and Noble Six looks injured. You then travel to the near by city of New Alexandria. This level you have to evacuate the city which is under siege by Covenant Corvettes. At the end of the level Kat, contracts Six and Six tells Kat about Jorge's Sacrifice.


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] The Devil His Due

At the start of the level, head straight and to the NAV point. Once the door opens, you will face some Skirmishers. If you head up the stairs and turn left, there will be a health pack which can be used. Once inside you will hear over Communications that there are Suicide Grunts, they are easy to kill just like any other Grunts but you shall keep your wits about you. There are two straight away, with a third one following soon after. Once they are dead head to the left and kill the grunt at the end of the hall way. Once he is killed another one will follow.

You can now head down, in side there will be a Armour Lock, this is helpful if you miss a kill. Just lock up and wait for the explosion to pass. Take it at your own discretion. Head down and there will be three suicide Grunts. Once they are dead you can proceed. In the next room there are many Suicide Grunts. I would try and not zoom in here and keep one eye on the radar, as they will come from all directions. Once they are dead, head down and pick up the Magnum ammo and proceed to the next room. In here, there a mixture of Suicide Grunts and Skirmishers. The Grunts are the main targets, a well time shot can kill all Skirmishers and most Grunts. At the end of the room is a Health Pack if you need it.

Head outside, kill the Brute and head up the Stairs, there will be spirit and a Sniper Rifle for you. When you are just about out of ammo, give it to a marine, the marine will have unlimited bullets, this can be also helpful. Once that set of Brutes are dead, a door will unlock releasing another Brute with some Skirmishers. Walk through and go up the stairs and kill the Grunts. Head out and kill anything in your way to get to the Elevator. If you face the Elevator to the left of it is a Magnum, this is helpful as you should be nearly out of ammo, or don’t have it as you swapped it for a Sniper. If you head to the other direction, a well-placed Grenade can kill most of the enemies. Kill them and head into the elevator. Take the sniper back and don’t use it for a while.

[edit] Too Close to the Sun

Run down to the left and give an ODST the sniper. Run back and grab DMR ammo and a Shotgun. Once that is done, go grab the Jet pack and navigate to the other side, trying not get killed by the Banshees. Once there stay on the ledge picking off people, once they are dead jump on over and go kill the leftovers. Once they are dead the ODSTs will jump off and go help somewhere else. If you gave the Sniper to Pt. Jenkins, he will continue with you and it.

Once in the tower, jump to the top level and walk around until you see the exit. Walk across and jack out the Snipers on the other side. Jump down and follow the ODSTs, they will lead you to another, do the same thing. Give it to someone once the bullets are getting low. You can get the low ammo by taking out the Leader Brutes by standing where you find the sniper. Once most people are dead and the Marines are moving on, follow them and proceed to the NAV Point. Once the Fuel Rod Grunts are dead jump to the level above and kill the Brutes and move around the building. Doing this, you skip the long bit of killing the guys in the middle, if you want you can go back and kill them. Although it is recommend to go through the building as they can come from behind and kill you. Once they are dead, head into the Falcon.

[edit] I Should Have Became A Watchmaker

In the air, you can either sit back and just kill things that are attacking you or help by killing Brutes and other Enemies that you pass along the way. Once the rides is ended hop out, and collect Ammo and follow alone the path. Do not get in the warthog on Mongoose, let the AIs use that. Walk around killing the Grunts and Brutes. If you really want killing the ghost is very easy, so you can also ride that. Head up and then left, ignore the Wraiths as your Marines can get them, kill the Brutes that block the Missile Batteries and activate both of them. If you look down from the first Battery you can see a flipped Warthog that is driveable and is helpful as well. Kill the Ghosts on one side and head to the next NAV Point. Inside there a lot of higher ranked Brutes, so be careful. Once they are dead Fire the Missiles and finish the level. The level will end with Six, telling everyone that Jorge didn’t make it. The next level is New Alexandria.

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