Fall of Reach

The Fall of Reach also known as Battle of Reach is one of the most notable battles between UNSC Defense Force and the Covenant in the Human-Covenant War in August 2552. It was followed by the Raid of Reach. This battle in specific have the most casualties from both sides. The battle ended by the victory of the Covenants and Reach being glassed and destroyed.

It all started after the Covenant were defeated in the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV, they sought revenge and started their plans to invade human colonies. The Covenant placed a tracking bug on a UNSC Destroyer which led the Covenant to Reach colony. The Covenant decided to ambush the Human UNSC force, they hid in Reach and destroyed the communication devices that connects Reach to the rest of the UNSC force. Lured by this, the Noble Team went to Reach's communication station to investigate the problem, that is when they were ambushed. The battle started with the UNSC's airships arriving to defend Reach against the Covenant Invasion Force, hundreds of advanced airships were battling in the sky of Reach. Each side with its own devastating air supply and power.

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