Firefight is a multiplayer mode first introduced in Halo 3: ODST, in which players fight waves of NPCs. It can either played solo, or cooperatively, with up to 4 players.

[edit] Gameplay

In Firefight, players are pitted against endless waves of Covenant. The game ends once the players run out of lives. Players are given a total of seven lives to share. Firefight represents progress using three levels of progress: waves, rounds, and sets. There are five waves in a round, and three rounds in a set. At the end of each round, there's an opportunity for players to gather supplies.

Between rounds and sets, various skulls are activated to increase difficulty and variety. The Tough Luck Skull is activated to begin with.

[edit] Maps

The maps in Firefight are taken from the Halo 3: ODST campaign. Four of the eight maps are unlocked by default, while the other four require you to complete their respective campaign missions on Normal difficulty or higher. The maps are as follows:

[edit] Characters

Various characters may be used in Firefight. Each of which, with the exception of Sgt. Johnson are ODSTs from the campaign. The characters are as follows:

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