Frag grenade

[edit] The Frag Grenade

The human projectile is a much more low-grade and primitive projectile when compared with it's alien counterpart, the Plasma Grenade. It is the default explosive ordinance of the U.S.M.C and Spartans alike. Much like the Plasma Grenade, the Frag has been a staple of the series since the get-go. Also akin to the Plasma Grenade, the Frag has advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account, depending on your combat situation.

[edit] Pros

  • The Frag Grenade is fast. Double kills aren't out of it's reach. It's deadly fast and just as efficient. The Frag can attribute it's efficiency to it's unorthodox fuse. It isn't limited by regular time constraints like it's cousin, The Plasma Grenade. Rather, the fuse is primed after the grenade strikes a surface. The player lets fly with a frag grenade, and it will not explode until 0.5 of a second after it hits something. This is perfect for enemies standing on ramps or enemies who are following you around corners. A nicely placed grenade can leave your pursuer with a nasty surprise as they round the corner for their kill.
  • The frag is more versatile than the plasma. It sacrifices some damage for a faster fuse and an overall versatility that the plasma does not achieve. The Plasma is more suited to taking down shields, like all covenant weapons. But the frag is equally as well equipped to take down shields and take lives. Whatever the situation, the frag can bounce around and cause havoc.

[edit] Cons

  • As stated earlier, the frag is not as powerful as the Plasma. If you're standing on or around the frag when it goes off, it will take your shields and leave you with a sliver of health, but will not kill you.
  • The frag doesn't deal as well with vehicles as plasmas do. The plasma sticks to vehicles and personnel alike, but when dealing with vehiles, the frag doesn't cut the cloth as well as plasmas do. It's lack of sticky properties leave it easy for any fast vehicle to get away before a detonation has time to occur.

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