Fragmentation Grenade

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UNSC Fragmentation Grenade

The Fragmentation Grenade, or "Frag" for short, is a high-explosive fragmentation device. It is capable of launching lethal, high-speed shrapnel that can cause a great deal of damage to infantry. Built into the grenade is an internal timer that activates the moment the grenade makes contact with a solid surface, allowing the grenade to bounce before detonation. It will explode 3 seconds after impact. The force of the subsequent blast is capable of immediately depleting a player's shields.

[edit] Variants

Fragmentation grenades have remained the same for the most part, but have still seen some small changes over the course of the games.

[edit] Halo 2 and 3

Grenades in Halo 2 and Halo 3 were extremely identical. Both were capable of completely dropping a shield if thrown accurately enough. The blast radii on these were quite small, but players were able to throw them with great accuracy due to predictable bounces and short timers. Players commonly took advantage of this accuracy by throwing them at the ground in front of an opponent so they would bounce and explode on the opponents body, and then proceed firing shots to finish their opponent off.

[edit] Halo: Reach

Halo Reach's grenades are noticeably stronger and also have a larger blast radius. A person who has a fully charged shield, but is missing some bars of health, can die to a single fragmentation grenade rather easily. However, the grenades in Reach aren't as predictable in their bounces as they previously were. The grenades thrown at the ground tend to "skip" some unpredictable distance and then stick into the ground, rather than bounce upward and explode at a predictable distance as they did before. This has received received much scrutiny within the community, as use of grenades no longer relies on well-placed, skillful tosses, but rather their large blast radius and strength.

Evading grenades in the usual way has become nearly impossible as well. While they do seem to have slightly longer timers than they did in previous games, the large blast radius combined with the lowered jump height and speed in Reach makes them much harder to avoid. Instead, players must utilize Armor Abilities to reduce damage. Armor Lock can completely negate any damage from the grenade, while Jet Pack, Evade, and Sprint allow a player methods to escape from the blast.

Another difference in Reach is the inclusion of more advanced audio mechanics which allow you to hear the grenade when it is nearby you. It emits a sound similar to what one would hear if a strong gust rolled by. This is particularly helpful when using surround sound audio, as you can clearly hear the grenade's distinctive hiss even when it's simply sitting on the ground.

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