Fuel Rod Cannon

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Fuel Rod
Halo 3 Type-33 Light Anti-Armor Weapon.
ApperancesHalo: Combat Evolved, Halo: 2, Halo: 3, Halo: 3 ODST and Halo: Reach

The Type-33 Light Anti-Armor Weapon (Fuel Rod Cannon) is a very powerful Covenant weapon that is only seen a couple times in the first Halo and is wielded by Grunts and Brute Captains. It becomes playable in Halo 2 campaign and Halo 3 and is the Covenant calling to the Rocket Launcher. When fired, the rods follow an arc, and do not go straight.

In Halo 2 you will have a few opportunities in the Single Player Campaign to wield this weapon. When holding it, its sheer size, like the rocket launcher, obstructs more of your view than other weapons. It fires massive green projectiles that explode on impact and can devastate enemies.

It is an effective weapon at displacing moveable objects in both campaign and multiplayer. After Halo: Combat Evolved the magazine size was increased. The added ammo count means that the fuel rod cannon can be used in bursts with destructive results and medium to high accuracy. Though not as powerful as the human rocket launcher when taking into account the rate of fire the fuel rod cannon makes up for its lack of power. Given the nature of the weapon it is advised that when encountering one in campaign or even online it is best to remove the threat early as it deals major damage to vehicles and infantry when the wielder is left alone.

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