Fuel Rod Gun

[edit] Fuel Rod Gun

Fuel Rod Gun
Also known as the "Fuel Rod Cannon" sometimes, this weapon is the closest thing the Covenant have to compare with the human Rocket Launcher. It made appearances in Halo 2 and Halo 3, but was never included in either of the games' multiplayer modes.

Like I said, the Fuel Rod Gun is a Covenant heavy weapon which fires depleted rods of banshee fuel, it also seems like Banshees have a Fuel Rod Gun mounted onto them, because the Banshee Bomb and the Fuel Rod Gun's projectile are suspiciously familiar. Much like the concept of depleted uranium weapons in real life, except in Halo terms. The weapon fired in an arc, which made it harder to master than the Rocket Launcher. You had to allow for the dip of the projectile if you wanted to hit far-off targets.

The main difference between this covenant heavy weapon and the human's Rocket Launcher, is the lock-on ability. The Rocket Launcher has the ability to lock onto vehicular targets, whereas the Fuel Rod Gun does not. It would be a big advantage if this gun was available for competitive play, but like I say, the Fuel Rod Gun never made it into multiplayer, unless you consider the Banshee Bomb a variant of it, but it's not a hand-held weapon, so the advantages and disadvantages are only applicable to the single player campaign of Halo 2 and 3.

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