Ghost Town

Ghost Town
300px-Ghosttownoverhead.jpgGhost Town

Ghost Town is a map set in the same geographical area as the single player level Sierra 117 in the Halo 3 campaign. It was released along with Avalanche and Blackout in the Legendary Map Pack.

[edit] Weapons

Blackout's weapons include:

[edit] Equipment and Powerup Items

[edit] Strategies

Ghost Town is a map with many different floors and places to hide. Unlike other open-ended maps, Ghost Town is relatively small and contains many hiding places, both inside and outside the dilapidated buildings. With so many weapons available on such a small map, including power weapons such as the Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher, it would be wise to find the Overshield or Active Camo as soon as the game begins. Close range weapons also work very well on this map, so getting a brute shot, shotgun, or even duel-wielding the Spikers and Plasma Rifles is a good idea. Also, the atrium area of the map is a good place to snipe or hide, as there are many places to gain cover from.

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