Gravity Hammer

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Gravity Hammer
Gravity Hammer.JPG
A Spartan wielding a Gravity Hammer.

The Gravity Hammer is a melee weapon similar to that of the Tartarus' in Halo 2, featuring a lunge shorter than the Energy Sword. One swing of the Gravity Hammer can knock an enemy into oblivion or completely annihilate a vehicle. The Gravity Hammer also has the ability to deflect rockets from the Rocket Launcher. Brutes during the campaign are seen using these quite often. Mainly the Chieftains use them however.

Gravity Hammers are excellent against Hunters and other slow, large enemies.

Gravity Hammers are also in maps for match-making. Maps such as Rat's Nest, Epitaph, and Guardian. It is also used in Grifball, or a Assault based game made by the people who created Red vrs. Blue.

The Gravity hammer requires a certain amount of finesse and tactics to use properly. When comparing it to the Energy Sword, there are 2 major differences. One, you are slower when you are holding a Gravity Hammer than you would be with an Energy Sword or even with any regular weapon. Because of this, you need to allow for the fact that your enemy is now faster than you. You are sacrificing speed for power, as the Gravity Hammer is extremely powerful. You need to plan your attacks. Be more sneaky with the Hammer. Patrol choke points and high traffic areas and make sure you're not caught out in the open as you have virtually no way, besides grenades, of fighting back against anybody at more than a few feet's range.

Even still, the Gravity Hammer does not have as long of a lunge as the Energy Sword has. Again, this means you need to be more sneaky about your approach when you use the weapon.

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