Grunt Birthday Party

The Location of Grunt Birthday Party Skull

This skull can be obtained in the level Crow's Nest towards the end of the level. Unlike some of the other Skulls this does not award you with an gamer score.

Icon: A Skull with a candle.

Effect: If you shoot a Grunt in the head with a weapon capable of getting headshots, for example Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Carbine, and so forth, a popping sound will happen and confetti will shoot out of his head. It is rumoured that the eplosion of the head can cause damage to nearby enemies on higher difficulty settings.

Location: In the small pipe line where Drones are flying around just by the edge you can see a green arrow. fall and try and land on the edge. Now follow it to the end and you should be able to see the Skull sitting there.

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