Guardian is one of the original maps that came with Halo 3. It is also a choice map for anyone who plays in the MLG circuits. Guardian has the feel of the Halo 2 map, Lockout because it is the former's "spiritual successor". This means that while Guardian isn't a direct remake of Lockout, both maps share many similarities.


[edit] Weapons

The weapons on Guardian include:

[edit] Equipment and Powerups

Equipment on Guardian is rather limited. The equipment on the Jungle area consists of a Bubble Shield. There are two power ups on the map as well. An Active Camouflage near the gold lift room, and an Overshield above the Sniper Rifle spawn.

[edit] Strategies

There are many strategies that people use when they play Guardian. Most people try to get control of the sniper tower and kill people who try to invade. Since there is a Sniper Rifle and an Overshield on the sniper tower, it is very tough to attack. Other people try to gain control of the gold lift. At the gold lift, there is Active Camouflage and a Battle Rifle.

[edit] Call Outs

Call outs are what you yell if you've spotted an enemy and need to inform your allies on where they are or if you had died and need to tell them where the person who killed you is. When mentioning a place that is multi-layered, most people say a number as in the level of which they are in. These are commonly used in team games such as: Team Slayer, Flag, and Assault. Here are the call outs for this map:

  • Sniper Tower 1 or S1 (Where the Sniper Rifle Spawns)
  • Sniper Tower 2 or S2 (Where the Overshield Spawns)
  • Sniper Tower 3 or S3 (Where the Battery Explosive / 2 Plasma Grenades Spawns)
  • Elbow
  • Forest or Green Section
  • Top Middle
  • Bottom Middle
  • Bottom Lift
  • Top Lift
  • Shotgun Tunnel
  • Blue Room
  • Window (Outside the blue room)
  • Active Camo Spawn

Combinations of these work also. (Example: Forest moving Elbow to Sniper Tower 2)

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