Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved
DeveloperBungie Software
PlatformMicrosoft Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Console Release DatesNA November 15, 2001

EU March 14, 2002
JP April 24, 2002

AUS March 14, 2002
PC Release DatesNA September 30, 2003 EU October 10, 2003
Mac OX Release DateNA December 3, 2003
GenreFirst-Person Shooter
Rating(M) Mature

Halo: Combat Evolved is a first-person shooter developed by Bungie and the first video game in the Halo series franchise, it is available on the Xbox and the PC. It was released in November 15, 2001 and sold over five million copies worldwide. A version for the PC and Mac was released later on and downloadable content for the Xbox 360. The video game gained a lot of positive critics and responses, the franchise was extended to comics and novels that takes place before and within the events in Halo: Combat Evolved. This game also inspired a lot of Machinima artist to develop a series, and thus a popular one was created, Red Vs Blue. The game takes place before the events in Halo 2 and Halo 3, and after the events of Halo Reach. The game is notable for being the basis of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. The main protagonist is the Master Chief along side with Cortana. This game also features a multiplayer gameplay, with variant gametypes and options.


[edit] Plot

Warning: This article may contain plot spoilers.

The story starts on one day of September, 2552. The Pillar of Autumn is being attacked by the Covenant Empire, the Pillar of Autumn reached an "unknown object, the Installation 04 Halo. The ship is being commanded by Captain Jacob Keyes and ordered to set the Master Chief free from his pod. The Master Chief must take the Al Cortana and set foot to the Halo on a lifeboat. When the Master Chief reaches Installation 04, he will be faced by Covenants and must rescue any survivors from the crash of the Pillar of Autumn. Captain Jacob Keyes is being held by the Covenants abroad the Truth and Reconciliation and the Master Chief set to the rescue, Captain Jacob Keyes then reveals that the Covenants are willing to use Halo as a weapon. The Master Chief then set foot to an island that contains the ancient Forerunner Halo Control room, there Cortana takes control of the system as the Master Chief go again on a hunt to rescue Captain Keyes.

When reaching the area where Keyes was last seen, the Master Chief comes to meet an ancient species that threated the universe once, the Floods. The Master Chief then meets 343 Guilty Spark, the monitor of Installation 04 whose mission is to prevent the Flood from breaking lose from Halo. The Master Chief aids the monitor to retrieve the index key to activate Halo's defense system. After returning to the Control Room with the monitor, the Master Chief came to discover a horrible fact. The defense system that the monitor mentioned is going to destroy every life in the galaxy. The Master Chief turns against the monitor and set to destroy Halo and shut it down before destroying everything alive.

[edit] Features

Halo: Combat Evolved was one of the first world famous FPS'. It featured a lengthy single player campaign, comprising 10 levels, each one at around an hour long each. A gripping story that introduced us to a brand new, pre-existing story, new characters, a new adventure and the start of a brand new trilogy that will go on to become the most famous FPS ever made, with the biggest cult following a game has ever had.

Halo: Combat Evolved featured multiplayer, but as it was a game that was released so early in the original Xbox's lifetime, it was out before Xbox Live was created. Because of this, the multiplayer was only available to people who used the LAN function. Having said that, Halo: Combat Evolved did come with a fully functioning and very addictive multiplayer game. The only reason it wasn't as successful and widely known as Halo 2 and Halo 3's multiplayer is simply because of the lack of online on the console.

[edit] Gameplay

Halo is a First-Person shooter, so the it mainly consists of aiming and shooting as a basic concept. The gameplay though features extended features such as vehicles and the ability to interact with them. The game keeps the feeling of the first-person point of view during gameplay, such as walking, handling a turret and jumping. When driving a vehicle, the point of view switches to third person to allow easier an control and much more satisfaction when driving. This game have a well built campaign levels that features all the gameplay features, and a Multiplayer systemthat allows other players to engage in games ranging from Slayer mode which is a death match to Catch the Flag modes. The arsenal of weapons and equipment is diverse and unique as well, it features two general types of weapons with equivalent weapons in both types. The UNSC weapons, which are human made and looks familiar to modern weapons, and the Covenant weapons, a highly developed plasma and energy weapons made by the Alien community. There are also unique pick ups, such as Active Camouflage and Overshield.

[edit] AI Combatants

Keeping the release and development dates of this game in mind, it can be seen that this game got a well developed Al system. The main foes in this game, the Covenants alongside the Floods have a very advanced Al, logic and tactics comparing to other video games in its era. The Grunts for example can flee when feeling terrified, Elites can take cover and avoid bullets, plus the capability to toss grenades at a specific location. All which weren't familiar back in this game's era, where most game's AL are simply attack dolls waiting to be killed.

[edit] Graphics

The graphics in this video game is not that bad, the polygons are well done and have a clean cut and edges. Comparing it again to other video games in its era, this was something different. The textures though, aren't much detailed but clean and come in a very clear resolution. The particles and light system, plus the shadows are very satisfactory and entertaining.

[edit] Physics

The physics in this game is also another feature that put this game away from others in its era, for example, when a grenade is tossed the dead bodies fly away in a logical and simulating way. The bodies also bend and interact with the wall or any pointing edges it got, similar but not the same one seen in next-gen video games. The physics is not really perfect, but it tried and succeeded to simulate real life in a believable way.

[edit] Characters

Halo: Combat Evolved featured a few characters, but they had a dramatic roles along side the plot's lonely and solo scenario for the Master Chief. Most of the characters made it to other Halo continuations, such as Johnson seen survived and well in Halo 2. And other characters who didn't make it to other games but inspired for new ones to be created, such as Jacob Keyes who died but inspired to create Miranda Keyes who made an appearance in Halo 2.

[edit] Humans

The main protagonist of this video game and all of Halo Trilogy, considered to one of the best soldiers the UNSC have.

The commander of the Pillar of Autumn starship, died in this game's plot after being taken over by the Flood.

One of the most notable high personals in the Marines, he made his appearance throughout this game in most levels.

The Al Construct that accompany the Master Chief, it appeared in most levels giving helpful instructions and suggestions.

The rest of the following characters did make any appearance in this game, they are either mentioned or in the script of the plot.

[edit] Covenant

The Covenants made an appearance in this game as an enemy, with no major personals or talking characters encountered. This was later on adjusted and changed in Halo 2 when featuring the Arbiter and the Prophets.

[edit] Flood

The Second species that is encountered in this game, they didn't have any dialog or big part and role as characters.

[edit] Forerunners Al

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Humans

[edit] Covenant

[edit] Vehicles

Halo has a wide spectrum of vehicles.

[edit] Human

[edit] Covenant

[edit] Non Usable

Some vehicles were only usable by NPCs.

[edit] Human

[edit] Covenant

[edit] Campaign

The Campaign levels of this game consists of 10 levels with a very strong and well structured plot and gameplay objectives. The following list contains a full info and walkthrough for each level in the game on a general difficulty.

[edit] Multiplayer Maps

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