Halo: Uprising

Halo: Uprising
Author(s)Brian Michael Brendis
PublisherMarvel Comics
Release DatesIssue #1 - August 22, 2007

Issue #2 - November 21, 2007
Issue #3 - July 2, 2008
Issue #4 - August 13, 2008

Hardcover Collection - October 22, 2008
Length4 issues of 40 pages each
AvailabilityComic Book Series


[edit] Blurb

Spartan John-117 is the Master Chief, Humanity's greatest warrior and our last, best hope against the overwhelming might of the alien invaders who call themselves the Covenant. Master Chief's current mission lies inside the ancient Forerunner Dreadnought, a Covenant command craft miles long, miles wide, and filled with hostile alien forces who are headed for Earth to activate the galaxy-shattering Halo Array. Intertwined with the Master Chief's interstellar one-man-war are the defense and downfall of a great American city, two disparate lives' shared fate, and the Covenant's hunt for an ancient relic thar could be the key to the end of all life in the galaxy. The human race is at the brink of destruction...can the bravery of a few turn the tide?

[edit] Characters

[edit] Plot

[edit] Issue 1

The first page is showing of Master Chiefs fighting skills, were he fights of Jackals, Grunts and Drones. Once he kills those he stands tall as new enemies arrive.

The next page and panel shows the Covenant Cruiser, The Triumphant Declaration. The next panel shows a man getting tortured by two Brutes, one of which is the Brute Commander Lepidus. They are interrogating him, he final says if you destroy Earth you will not find the Key of Osanalan. He tells them without the key the Halo rings will not work.

The next page is showing a Covenant Cruiser with Phantoms attacking Cleveland. The next page is of a man drinking while others run away from the Brutes. As the UNSC Marines arrive, he hides under a table. When an unknown female comes to his rescue, and says they will need guns. After that there is an explosion and they dive behind cover. They continue to talk until they see a marine get killed by what is assumed to be a Plasma Rifle, the girl steals his pistol and they escape to the car park to find the man's car. Before they get in the man realises that the covenant is not destroying the city but actually invading it. They realise that they will not escape by car and decide to try the boats to Canada.

The next page shows them in Old Cleveland. They then spot a pair of Hunters walking outside the ally, as they walk out of the ally the girl reveals herself as Myras Tyla, straight after that shows two jackals pointing Plasma pistols at the two. They then get taken to a factory and they get loaded into Shadows with other humans.

The next page shows Master Chief fighting of more enemies upon the Forerunner ship, when a group of Hunters opens a door and fires at him. He is then held at gun point on the floor, when a brute steps on his chest demanding him to give him the Key of Osanalan.

The next page is showing Myras and the man getting out of the Shadow, it then shows a stadium filled with Humans, with brutes asking for the Key. The last panel of this issue is the man saying he knows the Key.

[edit] Issue 2

Issue 2 kicks off right where [Issue 1] left, with the brute keeping the Master Chief down. As he asks what the Key of Osanalan is Master Chief responds with, “It means always strip your enemy of weapons before you interrogate him.” With that being said he blows up everyone in the room with him, the next page shows two Grunts standing in a destroyed room and asking if there is any signs of the Master Chief.

Back in Cleveland Myras and the unknown man are still in the stadium with the thousands of other Humans being interrogated about the Key of Osanalan. When the UNSC Marines blow up the platoon and continue to fight the Covenant. The next two pages is the thought process of Myras. When she is finished it shows them running away from the exploding Stadium. A couple of panels along it shows the two getting into a broken Warthog. After driving and talking about where they are going, they come to a place where the fight has stopped, this is where Myras kills two Grunts, she then feels bad for them. The man then tries to get the Warthogs radio up. When he fails he uses a Heat Stick to make a fire, he then reveals his name to be Ruwan.

Ruwan then tries to comfort her on killing those two Grunts. He says that if she didn’t kill them they would have killed her, she responds with why they are at war in the first place. They then talk about Myras’ music and how Ruwan liked it and how he owned it. She, at that point asks what he wanted to do, he doesn’t know. With that answer, they begin to get closer so they can kiss which they do. After they kiss they hear a something which they find out is a Scarab, with that they bring up the Key again.

The next panel shows the Forerunner ship, that The Master Chief and The Prophet of Truth are on. This time however shows the Chief scoping out the area (with a Carbine) where The prophet and his Brute Guards are. After a couple of panels he gets a transmission about the Key of Osanalan, this issue ends with him looking down and saying “More to Follow”.

[edit] Issue 3

The start of this Issue is a story of two Boys which are found out to be Ruwan and his brother Colonel James Ackerson, he then shows Ruwan a piece of string calling it The Key of Osanalan. At that moment it switches from child Ruwan to the Current old Ruwan. He reveals to Myras Tyla that he made up the Key. They then brainstorm on how they came up with that idea, but before they can come up with something Ruwan wants to leave, so they get in there Warthog and drive off.

The next page is back abroad the Forerunner ship with Master Chief’s cross fire on The Prophet of Truth’s head but before he can get the shot off he gets shot in the back by what looks like a Jackal with a Carbine. The next couple of pages is him fighting through the Brute and Grunt protection, trying to kill the Prophet, the last page of this Master Chief section is him being chased but a lot of Brutes.

Back in Cleveland with Myras and Rowan shows them driving a Warthog and they then run into Brutes but before they are shot at a big explosion happens and blows a Brute’s head onto the bonnet. It is see that the Pelican above them blew it up. They follow it until it lands and starts to pick up survivors. Ruwan speaks to a marine and asks if Colonel James Ackerson is here. At this moment which looks like a Shade explodes behind him. Myras asks Ruwan if he is ok, which he replies No, and is reminded by Myras that there is a person always worse of then you.

It then shows Master Chief back on the Forerunner ship with millions of brutes following him, with which is assumed Ruwan in the background saying “I’m just, I’m having trouble imaging that right now”, which is referring to the last comment Myras said. The next panel shows the Master Chief killing a lot of brutes with dual Spikers. This is the main point of the next pages with Master Chief killing everything in his way. A double paged picture shows the chief standing in the middle of what is like the same place seen in Halo 2’s level, High Charity with a lot of bodies and blood.

The next page shows a Pelican containing Ruwan and Myras, the marine asks if Ruwan was the man asking about Colonel James Ackerson. The Marine then tells him that he is situated on Mars and is probably dead, as if the Covenant are on Earth then they definitely got Mars. After talk about the current state of Ruwan’s brother, he tells the marine about The Key and how he made it up. The marine then calls Command as a picture of three Pelicans over a burnt Cleveland is shown telling them they need to meet this guy.

Back with Master Chief, he is seen running down a corridor when a Brute pops out, he is then seen throwing a Grenade back down at him, the pictures are then zoomed in onto his Visor. The last picture of Issue 3 is the Forerunner Ship have many explosions around it.

[edit] Issue 4

The Start of ‘’’Issue 4’’’ is Ruwan and Myras in the Cleveland Sewers on their way to the UNSC Marines Command. This is where Ruwan meets the man in charge, Sergeant Twyker. He tells him about how he and his brother made up The Key of Osanalan, he comes up with a plan to give them just a shiny thing but the Intel Operations Manager Wesley says he has a better plan.

Back in the Earth’s High Orbit in the Forerunner Ship, Master Chief is still just tearing apart the Covenant forces on that ship. As he is talking to the UNSC Command of Earth, they tell him to stay in position of the Bridge.

In Chagrin Falls, Ohio it shows Ruwan walking down an abandoned Street. It then goes back to the UNSC Cleveland Base and tells of the plan. Someone is going to give them The Key of Osanalan after a heated discussion, Ruwan voluteers. He then talks to Myras and she is joking with him, she then asks him to not go as she likes him. He tells he has to do it, but asks if she could write a song about him and crying she hugs him and he is told it is time to give them the Key. Back in Chagrin Falls it shows Ruwan surrounded by Brutes. They ask for the key, he tells them it is him.

Back in the Forerunner Ship The Master Chief is still killing all the enemies, he then tells a brute to the turn the ship, it is not sure of his response but the Chief kills him. He then tells command that the ship is on a fixed course and cannot be changed, Command tells them they are going to Plan B, take it out. In the Prophet of Truth’s Quarters the Prophet asks if the Unholy referring to the Master Chief is still on board. The net panel shows a force of Covenant mainly including Grunts and [Brute|Brutes]]. They say there is no sign of him at the Bridge, back with the Prophet the brute is telling the Prophet what is happening. At that moment he hears that The Chief has commandeered a Ghost and is heading out of the Air lock. With the Explosion it is heard the Chief was Destroyed. The Brute then tells of Cleveland and how they have the Key.

Back with Ruwan in the underground sewers, they are giving him a needle which is Organic Material which can track him. The next panel shows Spikers pointed towards him. Back in the Sewers Sergeant Twyker is telling Ruwan how he will be un-armed, the panels now go from present with no Dialogue to Past. The past shows Twyker telling how the Brutes don’t understand something they will go running to their mummy. He tells Ruwan how they will take him to this section’s command and may torture him for information but he won’t have any. The Brutes will run to the Prophet who will then tell the Brutes it is a trick and that he is armed, the Brutes will assure the Prophet he is not armed. The Prophet will then need to ask questions himself, so they may take him to a secret location. Ruwan with his Organic tracking material will take the Co-ordinates and they will be sent to Command and they will take out a lot of Enemies. Ruwan realises he is the target.

Back in the present, Ruwan is bagged and in a Phantom over the Ocean, the next panel shows him near the Covenant Cruisser, Harbinger Of Piety. The bag is then taken off Ruwan’s head and is sitting in front of the Prophet. He asks what does Ruwan open, Ruwan answers Halo. The next panel shows how the Master Chief is in the radius of the target and should use evasive action. Back with Twyker he tells head Command that he has the co-ordinates. The Co-ordinates are then sent to the Chief who acknowledges them. The Prophet asks Ruwan what he knows of the Halo and to tell him what he is and he will spare the Planet.

Showing the Forerunner ship, the Chief is told that theKey is about to get a Special Package and that the Chief should find a way home. Back with Ruwan it shows him as a child, yelling “Run Run”. In the double page picture it shows the Cruiser being blown up, on the page from top left there are panels of talking. The Prophet says that he knows of the Tracking device and patronises Ruwan about how his Friends will not let him come and how this ship has laid waste to worlds and that he welcomes Ruwan’s friends. Ruwan tells the Prophet that it is not a rescue Signal, Prophet responds, “Then, Pray Tell, what is it?” Ruwan tells the Prophet that it is a targeting Vector and he is the Target. The prophet is furious and Ruwan says Kiss My Ass. With that the Nassau Station’s MAC Gun fires.

In the Mars Orbit it shows the Brute asking Colonel Ackerson is there even a Key of Osanalan. He then replies in a smart ass answer “is that a question or stating a fact.” The brute is angry and screams there is no key. Ackerson laughs and says it was a good one even for him and celebrates. He then asks how much of your Earth Campaign did he lose trying to find it, he asks how many of you idiots did it take to screw in an Imaginary Light Bulb. He then tells them that is why they are going to lose, as they think they are always right but when it comes down to it they are just dumb and arrogant, the next panel shows a knife, with the panel after it shows a decapitated body saying that is why we’ll win.

In a Relief camp it shows Myras crying and writing a song, the last page shows the two Ackerson boys one saying “wait for me” and the other saying “Kiss my Ass.”

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