Halo (Halo: Combat Evolved Level)

Halo is the second campaign level in Halo: Combat Evolved after the level The Pillar of Autumn. You as the Master Chief will land on Installation 04 after fleeing from the falling Pillar of Autumn Battleship. You will be the only survivor from the lifeboat that was launched, the main objective is to find any survivors from the lifeboats and rescue them. You will face some Covenants force in this level as well.
The fallen Lifeboat

[edit] Walktrough

(Easy Difficulty)

[edit] Part 1: Flawless Cowboy

You will start the level with you being the only alive survivor from the lifeboat's crash. All those who were aboard with you appears to be dead. Get out from the ship, you will still have Cortana in contact. Collect the Fragmentation Grenades and ammunitions for the Assault Rifle and the Pistol, Cortana will warn you that she detected Covenant movement in area. Turn left to find a bridge over a river, cross the river quickly and avoid the Covenant dropship, the Spirit. It will drop a group of Covenant troops, ignore them and proceed now. If you stayed for too long on the other side of the bridge, a couple of Banshee patrol will appear, use your Pistol to snipe one down and the other will leave. The Covenant troop will hear the gunshots and will cross the bridge, snipe them from where you stand while they cross the bridge. They will be equipped with the Needler. You can swap for it if necessary, now move on. When you reach the top of the hill, you can see another group of Covenant troops, use your pistol to snipe as much as possible then bring in the Assault Rifle. After finishing them off pick up the Plasma Grenades and swap for the Plasma Rifle. Move on until you reach the first checkpoint, go down the hill and aid the Marines against the Covenants dropping from the Spirit.

After killing all the Covenants head over to Sergeant Johnson, he will have a little talk. After that follow the marines to the dropping Spirit and eliminate the Covenant troops. There will be a couple of Jackals with shields, just perform a melee attack if they caused any trouble in taking them down. Swap for an Assault Rifle, and take down the second Covenants dropping from the Spirit. Take the third Covenant wave, try sniping them by the Pistol ,if you still have, it this time.
The Forerunner Underground Facility at the end of the tunnel
Again, take down the forth and final dropping Covenant troops. After finishing them off, you will get a radio call from Echo 419. Wait for the Warthog to drop and get in, and wait again for some Marines to join you.

Now drive the Warthog down the hill into the bottom of what appears to be a river end or a chasm. Turn right and get in the cave. keep driving until you reach the end of the tunnel, where you can see a huge underground facility, get down from the warthog. If you still have your Pistol then try to snipe as much Covenants as possible before going in. Then finish the rest and pick up the leftover grenades and ammunitions. Go right and find a way to reach the light bridge control platform, there will be one Elite, shoot him and activate the light bridge. Get back on your warthog and cross the bridge. Drive through the tunnel into the outer side again.

[edit] Part 2: Reunion Tour

Get out of the tunnel and drive up the hill, drive until you reach what appears to be a huge structure, take out the hostile Covenants. After that go to the hill just to your right, you will find a few Marines hiding. Cortana will call for a ship, until then finish of the new group of Covenants being drop on the other side. Next, Echo 419 will contact you and will arrive soon, go back to the hill and pick up the Sniper Rifle. So basically after this you need to find more survivors and take out any Covenant units, a directional point will appear on your HUD soon enough. The second place where you can find the Marines is what looks to be a locked area with giant rocks. Take out the Covenants, they may come in a total of four waves dropping from the Spirit, and wait for Echo 419. Next get to the inner part of the huge structure at the third and last survivors' location. Take out the remaining covenants and wait for the Echo 419 and get in. Next level is Truth and Reconciliation.

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