Halo 3

Developer: Bungie Software
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Release date:
  • North America - September 25, 2007
  • Europe - September 26, 2007, 2006
  • Japan - September 27, 2007, 2007
Genre: First-person shooter
Game modes: Campaign Mode, Online Matchmaking, Custom Games, Forge, Theater
ESRB rating: Mature (M)
Platform: Microsoft Xbox 360
Media: DVD-DL

Halo 3 is the final installment in the Halo trilogy. In addition to finishing up the story, the game introduces four player co-op, and improves on the multiplayer aspect of Halo 2. The vastly improved graphics over the previous two titles also adds a new dimension to the player experience, as once familiar enemies, vehicles, and weapons take on completely new personas (some are so different as to be quite the pleasant surprise).


[edit] Story

Warning: This article contains plot spoilers.

Even though the events right after Halo 2 were not shown, Halo: Uprising, a mini comic book set to be written by Marvel, will fill in the missing segments that were not originally shown in between both Halo and Halo 2.

In Halo 3, the story takes you onto the concluding part of Halo 2, involving the Master Chief returning to Earth in order to stop the Prophet of Truth from activating the Ark, which would end all sentient life in the galaxy. As the Master Chief is on earth, he once again encounters the Flood—this time, with the help of the Elites who have disbanded from the Covenant and teamed up with humanity to help fight for the survival of the galaxy.

Chief is found by Sergeant Avery Johnson and his crew of Marines, as well as the Arbiter in the jungles of Africa. They fight their way to the Portal leading to the Ark. The Ark is a remote location, far away from the Milky Way, that is safe from the Activation of the Halo rings. All Halo Rings can be activated from the Ark. Truth plans to activate the rings from the Ark and embark on his fictional "Great Journey".

Chief, the Arbiter, and Johnson fight their way to the Ark's control center, where Johnson is captured. Jacob Keyes' Daughter, Commander Miranda Keyes valiantly tries to save him, but is killed. She, however, buys enough time for the Arbiter and Master Chief [who have formed a temporary alliance with the Flood to arrive on the scene. The Arbiter kills the Prophet of Truth, but right as Johnson is about to fly Keyes' Pelican outside, the Flood turn on the Humans. Johnson manages to escape, but Chief and the Arbiter are left to fight the Flood.

Chief recoveres the Activation Index from Cortana on the Flood-infested ship High Charity, saving Cortana from the clutches of Gravemind. Johnson, the Arbiter, and Chief make it to the control room, but just before they activate the Halo, 343 Guilty Spark, a Forerunner AI, turns against them, dealing a death wound to Johnson, and locking the Arbiter out of the room. Chief can't defeat Spark with his weapons, but Johnson, dying on the floor, charges his Spartan Laser, and cracks Guilty Spark's shell. Chief then takes Johnson's Laser and takes down Guilty Spark.

Chief activates the Halo, but under Johnson's request, leaves Johnson behind. He and the Arbiter make it to the UNSC ship Forward Unto Dawn, but the Dawn splits in half. The front half, carrying the Arbiter, makes it successfully through the Portal, to Earth, but the rear half, carrying the Chief and Cortana, drifts into uncharted waters. Cortana sends out a flare, and Chief goes into cryogenic sleep, not before Cortana tells him she'll miss him. Their fate is unknown.

The game ends with the Arbiter, the Elites, Lord Terrence Hood, and the Humans participating in a memorial. The number 117 is scratched onto a rock at the site. Lord Hood says that he cannot forgive the Elites for what they did at the beginning of the war, but that he is thankful that they saw through the tyranny of the Prophets and helped the humans out. The Elites leave for their home planet, Sanghelios.

If you beat the campaign on Legendary, you can see a small cutscene which shows the rear half of the Forward Unto Dawn drifting towards an unknown planet.

[edit] Campaign

The campaign features nine levels:

Note that the first level, Arrival, is just a simple cutscene.

[edit] Characters


[edit] Humans

[edit] Covenant

In Halo 3, the race of Elites (notably the Arbiter and the Shipmaster Rtas 'Vadum) expelled themselves from the Covenant alliance.

[edit] Flood

[edit] Forerunners

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Humans

Rocket Launcher.JPG

[edit] Covenant

Covenant Arsenal
Covie Arsenal.JPG

[edit] Brute

[edit] Forerunner

[edit] Equipment

[edit] Vehicles

[edit] UNSC

[edit] Covenant

[edit] Matchmaking and Custom Games

[edit] Game Types

Halo 3 has multiple game types in its multiplayer franchise to play with friends, enemies, or just the random third wheel.


  • Score a certain amount of points through earning kills. It can be played FFA or as a team.


  • Rack up time by holding the Skull, the group or person that receives the highest amount of time wins.

King of the Hill

  • Control the Hill, the person or team with the highest number of points(the longest time in the Hill) wins.

Capture the Flag

  • A classic tactical game for teams: invade the enemy base, slaughter them, and return their flag to your own.


  • Another team variant where you attack the enemy base, leaving behind your bomb. After the bomb ticks down a certain amount of time, it will explode and take the enemy's base with it.


  • A basic land grab game. You earn a point for each of the territories on the map. The group that controls the most territory at the end of the round gets the points, and after a few rounds the team with the most points win.


  • Juggernaut is a game type where one person becomes a lot stronger than the rest of the players. The idea is to kill the Juggernaut, become the Juggernaut yourself, and rack up kills to win.


  • A classic game from Halo 2; zombies vs. humans in an epic standoff. If the humans survive the time, they win; if the humans get killed by a zombie they become infected.


  • This can be played as single or multi VIP. In single VIP, one team defends their VIP while the other team tries to kill the VIP. In multi VIP, each team tries to defend their own VIP and kill the other team's VIP. Points known as destinations can also be added to complicate the game more.

[edit] Armor Customization

Halo 3 adds something new, the ability to change your armor. Armor Permutations can be used on Spartans or Elites, and you can mix-and-match them for hundreds of possibilities. Armor is unlocked by getting certain ranks, achievements, and maybe if your lucky, doing something funny or impressive could get you Recon! Recon is the rarest type of armor permutation, because Bungie only gives it to people who impress them/make them laugh. Bungie employees have access to Recon, as well as the flaming helmet. Additionly, more Emblem customization is available, too.

[edit] Maps

In Halo 3 multiplayer, there are a total of 18 maps. There will be a DLC for more new maps soon. The current maps are as followed:

[edit] Included Maps

[edit] Heroic Map Pack

[edit] Legendary Map Pack

[edit] Mythic Map Pack

[edit] Bonus Maps

[edit] Rankings

Halo 3 Multiplayer Ranks
Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Skill Level
Recruit 1 EXP. N/A N/A N/A 1-9
Apprentice 2 EXP. 3 EXP. N/A N/A 1-9
Private 5 EXP. 7 EXP. N/A N/A 1-9
Corporal 10 EXP. 15 EXP. N/A N/A 1-9
Sergeant 20 EXP. 30 EXP. 40 EXP. N/A 1-9
Gunnery Sergeant 50 EXP. 60 EXP. 150 EXP. 300 EXP. 1-9
Lieutenant 70 EXP. 85 EXP. 200 EXP. 400 EXP. 10-19
Captain 100 EXP. 150 EXP. 300 EXP. 600 EXP. 20-29
Major 200 EXP. 300 EXP. 600 EXP. 1200 EXP. 30-34
Commander 300 EXP. 450 EXP. 900 EXP. 1800 EXP. 35-39
Colonel 400 EXP. 600 EXP. 1200 EXP. 2400 EXP. 40-44
Brigadier 500 EXP. 1000 EXP. 2000 EXP. 4000 EXP. 45-49
General 600 EXP. 1200 EXP. 2500 EXP. 5000 EXP. 50

[edit] Medals and Awards

Matchmaking Medals

Campaign Medals

[edit] Achievements

Halo 3 Achievements

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