Halo 3: ODST

Developer: Bungie
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Release date:
  • September 22, 2009
Genre: First-person shooter
Game modes: Campaign Mode, Firefight
ESRB rating: Mature (M)
Platform: Microsoft Xbox 360
Media: DVD-DL

Halo 3: ODST is a first-person shooter video game telling the story of the events on Earth leading up to Halo 3, from the perspective of a team of ODSTs ("Orbital Drop Shock Troopers"). Halo 3: ODST is the first Halo game developed by Bungie without the Master Chief as the protagonist.

Halo 3: ODST was also packaged with a second disc, which included the Halo 3 multiplayer, including all the map packs. It also contained an invite to play the beta for Halo: Reach. The campaign serves as a DLC pack for Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

[edit] Story

You play a member of the ODST squad. The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. They are trained to be inserted onto the battle field via drop pods and are the Spartan equivalent to a SWAT team. During a drop, your pod malfunctions and you end up stranded, away from your squad, surrounded by elites and brutes in every direction.

The game focuses more on stealth and slow-paced gameplay than previous Halos have.

The game starts off at 4:00 PM, October 20th, 2552. The scene shows a group of Marine ODSTs on the UNSC Say My Name huddled around a holotable showing the Covenant Prophet of Regret's Assault Carrier, which is soaring above the Orbital Elevator of the city of New Mombasa, Kenya. Behind them, Lance Corporal "Rookie", Lance Corporal Kojo "Romeo" Agu, Corporal Taylor "Dutch" Miles, and PFC Michael "Mickey" Crespo are resting.

Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck then enters the room, accompanied by ONI officer Veronica Dare. The ODSTs are ordered on to their SOEIV (Single Occupant Exoatmospheric Insertion Vehicle) drop pods. Buck then discusses about the Marines with Dare. Concerned about what Dare told him earlier, Buck states that the Prophet's Assault Carrier is more of a problem instead of Dare's mission. In response, Dare tells Buck about the orders they have to obey as well as stating that he should not forget to address her as Captain as per military tradition.

The Marines in the drop pods are then lowered into the launch bay to begin drops, where they are informed that Covenant forces are gathering around the Assault Carrier for an evacuation. They are then launched into Earth's atmosphere with the purpose of infiltrating the Prophet of Regret's Assault Carrier and capturing him. As they begin to enter clouds, Dare orders the men to change their trajectory data, causing them to veer off their intended drop points. However, before they can activate their parachutes, the Assault Carrier enters Slipspace along with the retreated Covenant forces. An Electro-Magnetic Pulse emitted by Slipspace then disables the pods and causes the ODSTs to be strewn about New Mombasa. Rookie and Mickey's pods collide, the impact rendering Rookie unconscious.

Six hours later, at approximately 10:02 PM, the Rookie awakens and exits his pod. He discovered, too late, that the pod had become speared into the side of a building and a twenty foot fall later, he is injured. Luckily, he finds medical supplies around the area and he then sets off to locate the rest of his squad.

After maneuvering around Covenant patrols, the Rookie encounters the Superintendent, a second-generation artificial intelligence which is responsible for maintaining New Mombasa's infrastructure. The AI then assists Rookie with info such as maps. As the Rookie scours the city for clues to his squadmates' fates, the game's perspective shifts to the corresponding ODST.

Buck: Having landed safely and radioing in Dare, Buck then sets off to her location. On the way, he notices the corpses of Elites, seemingly killed by Brutes. Once he got to her pod, however, he saw a Huragok examining Dare's helmet. The creature then begins to examine Buck out of curiosity. Mistaking this for aggression, Romeo appears and destroys the Huragok with his sniper rifle. He then tells Buck that Dare is dead.

Dutch: Landing safely in Uplift Wildlife Reserve, Dutch lead a charge in an attempt to clear out the landing zone of the departed Assault Carrier. Mickey landed near Dutch's location and proceeded to use a Scorpion to help Marines to their rally point: the entrance to ONI Alpha Site. There, Dutch and Mickey met a despairing polic officer.

The trio then work with several Marines to defend the base. Before long, however, the courtyard of the place was overrun and they had no choice but to retreat to the interior of the place. They then escape the complex using a Police-issue Pelican. As they fly, they destroy the base with remote-controlled bombs, preventing the Covenant from finding anything useful inside. They then head to the headquarters of the New Mombasa Police Department.

Upon landing on the rooftop, the Police, Mickey, and Dutch were blasted by Banshees. They contact Buck and Romeo, who shoot their way across the rooftops to reach the other two ODSTs. They are able to fight off the Covenant, but not before Romeo was badly injured by a Brute Chieftan and the Pelican they used was trashed.

The ODSTs then run to Kikowani Station in an attempt to use the tram system to escape from the city. After securing Romeo's status with the use of biofoam, the ODSTs discover that the tram system has been too damaged to use. Alternatively, they hijack a Covenant Phantom and fight through Covenant units. Along the way, Buck deduces Dare's location and has Mickey turn the Phantom around.

The perspective then shifts back to the Rookie, who has found his way to Superintendent's Data Center. There, he finds Dare locked in a mine and she reveals that her orders were to retrieve info from the Data Center and keep it from the Covenant. Unfortunately, it was infested with Drone and Covenant units by the time she got there. This also reveals why she had an entire squad ordered to assist in HER mission... it would have been hopeless to fight the Covenant alone.

Just as they enter the central data center, the Rookie and Dare witness a Huragok shutting down the Superintendent. Dare then reveals that the Covenant have enslaved many Huragok and forced them to fight for them. She also reveals that this one Huragok, called Vergil, contains information that could potentially aid the humans in the war against the Covenant.

They convince Vergil to follow them. At the same time, Buck appears and together they fight through Covenant and reach an elevator, taking them to a highway. Buck tells them about the Phantom he has ready to evacuate them and Vergil powers an Oliphant. Dare drives while Buck and Rookie fight back the Covenant.

Enemy ships arrive and begin to glass New Mombasa in an attempt to uncover the Forerunner Portal to the Ark. A Scarab then hits the Oliphant and severely damages it, causing the ODSTs to run to Uplift Wildlife Reserve. Buck calls Mickey and tells him to extract them instead of waiting for their arrival. They hold out against the Covenant and eventually, Mickey comes to extract them. They escape.

One month later, Sergeant Major Avery Johnson attempts to interrogate Vergil for the information he has. He orders Vergil to tell him what the Covenant is searching for, and then to help the UNSC stop the Covenant. In response, Vergil uses a lighter to light the cigar in Johnson's mouth, suggesting it is willing to cooperate.

If completed on Legendary difficulty, the Prophet of Regret is seen in the room containing the Superintendent's center. He smiles as the Huragok uncover a large Forerunner complex.

[edit] Firefight

See main article: Firefight

Firefight is a multiplayer mode first introduced in Halo 3: ODST, in which players fight waves of NPCs.

Before the game starts, the player will be given the choice of Easy, Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty. Obviously you get more points for surviving longer on harder difficulties. The waves get progressively stronger and stronger, and each play can be cut short by a myriad of different stipulations that can be added via the "skulls" at the start of the round. These can be anything from giving the enemy more armour to making them dodge any grenade every time. Regardless, they can drastically alter the difficulty no matter what setting you're on.

During the firefight, the same medals ((Double Kill, Triple Kill etcetc.)) apply as they would if you were playing multiplayer online, and each one will get you more points depending on how tough the medal is to attain.

[edit] Vehicles

UNSC's Vehicles:

Covenant's Vehicles:

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