Halo Timeline

This page shows the timeline in the Halo Universe, it is an open article and additional information might be added in the future with further revelations. The source from which these dates and events are taken are credited to the official halo website and various in-game and novels knowledge.


[edit] 2517

[edit] August 17th

[edit] September 23rd

  • The SPARTAN-II project started with the conscription of seventy-five children including John-117.

[edit] 2524

[edit] September 3rd

[edit] 2525

[edit] February 11th

[edit] November 27th

  • MJOLNIR, the final stage in the SPARTAN-II project, outfits the Spartans with the new Armors.

[edit] 2531

[edit] February 4th

  • The UNSC takes back control of Harvest from the Covenants.

[edit] February 10th

[edit] November 7th

[edit] 2552

[edit] July 17th

[edit] August 30th

  • The Covenants arrive arrived to the human colony, Reach.

[edit] September 7th

  • Dr. Halsey locate a Crystal which emits unique radiation.

[edit] September 13th

[edit] September 19th

[edit] October 20th

[edit] October 31th

[edit] November 17th

The Elites allied with Humans against the Covenants after the Master Chief and the Arbiter returned from Installation 05.

[edit] 2553

[edit] March 3rd

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