Headhunter is a gametype that debuted in the video game Halo: Reach. It may be considered an objective gametype. However, the main focus is closely tied to simply killing opposing players. In the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta, it is a free-for-all gametype.

[edit] Objective

The objective of Headhunter is to kill opposing players and collect their "skulls", and then deliver them to one of the designated areas.

A player who has not collected any skulls will drop one skull each time they die. However, killing a player who has collected several skulls beforehand will result in other players being able to pick up each skull the player collected. Players who have collected other skulls are given a marker with a number above their head representing how many skulls they currently carry.

Once a player has collected skulls, they may take them to one of the designated drop-off zones in order to score. The areas may change locations after a given amount of time.

Each skull dropped off in a designated area is rewarded one point. The first person to reach the given score limit wins. However, it is possible to also win by cashing in a certain amount of skulls at a single time. In the Beta, cashing in 10 or more skulls at once gives the player a victory, regardless of how many points he previously had.

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