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Health Pack

Health Packs are a new addition to multiplayer in Halo. It was in Halo 3: ODST that full health bars were introduced more prominently than any halo before. The idea is that your shield is just that; a shield to protect the person within. We never really though as Master Chief as a person, therefore his shield was always a pseudo health bar which regenerated over time and we never had to worry about the person inside the suit.

In Reach, however, the people in the suits are all too human. Having a full health bar underneath your Spartan Armour is the only way to ensure you have the best heads up in a gunfight. If you somehow find yourself low on health, you should seek out a Health Pack, which are usually stuck to walls, to replenish your health.

Note: These Health Packs only work for Spartans. Covenant Elite's health regenerates over time by itself. Trying to use a human health pack while playing as an Elite will have no effect.

  • Note: Health Packs have been present since the original Halo Game (Halo Combat Evolved)

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