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Heretic is a remake of the map Midship from Halo 2. It was released as downloadable content as part of the Mythic Map Pack. Midship was a fan favourite because of it's versatility. It was great for almost every gametype. Capture the Flag, Assault, Oddball. Both neutral tactic games and Team or Lone wolf games alike were perfect on this map. It was the perfect blend of tight quarters chaos and balanced weapon spawns that allowed for fun gameplay every time. The map is an indoor are which comprises of two bases facing eachother. Each team can see the other as they spawn, as the bases are completely open at the front, which can lead to some quick kills and an action packed game from the get-go in a game like Team SWAT.

Energy Sword Spawn.

Heretic is no different to how Midship was. The map is the exact same size with the exact same weapon spawns present. It's a direct port of the old game in almost every possible way. The Energy Sword still spawns at the top of the map, in clear view of both teams. This is a decisive weapon in games played on this map. The map is so close quarters that there will always be alcoves and doors to duck into should someone be shooting at you while you're chasing them with a sword. There's plenty of ledges and nooks and crannies to hide in if you're waiting during an objective based game. It's the perfect suspense builder when you have no idea where the other team is on a map so small.

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