High Ground
Highgroundabove.jpgHigh Ground

High Ground is one of the original Halo 3 maps and was available during the Halo 3 beta. This map is commonly used for Team Slayer, Slayer, 1 Flag, and 1 Bomb. The map is asymmetrical. It is split into two regions: Base-side and Beach-side. Beach-side has access to Rockets, Active Camouflage (although both easily contested by the Base-team), The map's lone Sniper Rifle, One Shotgun, and many battle rifles scattered throughout the underbrush. Base-side has immediate access to Maulers, Carbines, Battle Rifles, and a Spartan Laser.


[edit] Weapons and Grenades



[edit] Vehicles

The vehicles on Highground include:

[edit] Equipment and Powerups



[edit] Strategies

Many people in 1 Flag go different ways into the base (If attacker). Some of the time 1 person heads up to where the gravity lift spawns with a shotgun and kills the Spartan Laser person. Others head up through the sniper cave to get the sniper, rockets, and active camo. However, for the defenders, people usually grab a Mauler and a Carbine and wait it out. One person usually heads for the spartan laser to attempt taking out the rockets and/or the sniper.

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