Halo 3's Hornet
Primary Weapon SystemMachine Cannons
Secondary Weapon SystemHoming Missiles
SpeedVery Fast

The Hornet was first introduced in Halo 3. Its the only UNSC aircraft that the player can operate. Its primary weapons are dual machine cannons, activated by using the 'R' trigger. The Hornet's secondary weapons are the heat-seeking missiles, activated by using the 'L' trigger. Outside of the Campaign, the Hornet is only found in the multiplayer map, Avalanche by default. The Hornet variant in this map has been severely weakened; its missiles have been removed and its machine cannons have become considerably weaker.

[edit] Counters

Taking down a Hornet can be a hassle. The two weapons best suited for the job are the Missile Pod and the Spartan Laser. It is also possible to deactivate the Hornet's engines for a short period of time by hitting the craft with a fully-charged bolt from a Plasma Pistol.

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