Human Warriors

Marine Combat Flood
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This is a marine that has been infected by a flood. They are one of the most unsettling sights in Halo as they move rapidly and can leap either high into the air or leap forwards with astonishing speed to land a powerful melee attack. In their right arm they carry a ranged weapon, but their left arm has mutated into some form of elongated claw like structure both quick and deadly.

[edit] Strategies

The Energy Sword or Shotgun is very effective against this type of flood, the latter being most effective and allowing you to kill these in one shot in Normal mode. The Flamethrower will also incinerate them in a very short amount of time. Shooting off the arms prevents them from firing weapons at you, but they can still do melee damage.

Using rapid fire weapons like the Battle Rifle or Sub Machine Gun is a waste of ammo, and you will quickly use up your ammo supply - if you are stuck with these weapons make sure to aim for the head area of these Flood to inflict maximum damage.

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