The Hunters or Mgalekgolo as seen in the Halo 3 Bestiarum, are different from the avarage Covenant species, instead of a single enity these heavily armoured beasts consist of millions of worm-like organisms known as Lekgolo that are united under a single consciousness, and will always attack in pairs. They were first introduced in Halo: Combat Evolved and are featured throughout the Halo Universe franchise, including Novels like The Flood.


[edit] History

The Covenant discovered the world of Te long ago, which happens to be the Hunters howeworld, they tried to take control of them and tried various ways to subject them. It wasn't until they performed an Air strike forcing the Hunters to be part of the Covenant Religious empire. Originally, the Hunters are kind of primitive and lack technology, the armor and the Laser Cannon were introduced to them by the Covenant's Elites, the Sangheili.

[edit] Appearance

Hunters commonly wear impenetrable armour made from an unknown alloy. Their main weapon is an integrated Fuel Rod Cannon that fires mortar-style green coloured plasma against ground troops and heavily armoured UNSC vehicles. Their plasma attack takes a moment to charge, and has splash damage. At close range Hunters will opt to use melee attacks instead of its powerful weapon, wielding their huge shields to smash their enemies - their Melee attacks are powerful and allow them to remove vehicles and objects from their path. Unlike nearly all other Covenant, Hunters cannot talk, but have a distinctive whooshing sound when they fire their primary weapon.

There is an interesting section of Halo 2 where two Hunters escort you through a level. You will also fight alongside Hunters that you free from a Brig. This collaboration is possible because Hunters join on the site of the Elites in the Covenant civil war.

Hunters are very heavily armoured, as you can see from the picture. Their armour is made up of three different parts. Their head, their torso, which consists of their arms as well as their chest and back, and their legs. They possess a large shield on one arm that they use to protect their front mid rift, and the gaps between their head and torso armour are only tiny. This leads to the conclusion that the two easiest ways to take down a hunter are to get around behind it, or make it swing at you with it's shield, exposing it's vulnerable mid section.

[edit] Strategies

  • When confronted by a Hunter, one of the most effective techniques is sniping. A few well aimed shots to the head can take down a Hunter in 4 or 5 shots. Sticky grenades and close range weapons to it's vulnerable back also take down these massive foes.
  • Using a Brute Shot and sticky grenades is also an effective way of taking down a Hunter
  • Plasma Grenade disorientate Hunters. If you throw a plasma at the feet of a Hunter, it will turn it around disorientate it so badly that it will turn the wrong way. This will leave it's back section, between two of it's armour plates, exposed. Giving you the perfect opportunity to open fire on it's weak exposed tissue.
  • Hunters can be splattered using Warthogs. The technique you need to use is that when you're driving straight at them, you need to use the Hog to power slide towards the hunter. As you slide at him, he will jump in a perpendicular angle to whatever angle you approach him from. If you allow for this angle, you can catch the Hunter with a power slide and kill it with the side of the Warthog in one easy slide.
  • Magnum. In Halo 1, the Magnum was a beast of a weapon. It could take down a Hunter, on Legendary, in 2 direct shots to exposed flesh. If you combined the Plasma Grenade approach with the Magnum, you could make short work of any Hunter.

[edit] Halo: Combat Evolved Strategies

The Hunters in Halo: Combat Evolved are armed with powerful exoskeleton shields that runs through their body, so it is real hard to even get a bullet in them. But they do have weak points, their back spine isn't covered with armor and the flesh can be a deadly target. Also shooting their necks when near one is very effective.

The weak point if the Hunter in Halo

It is not hard to make the Hunters turn around and give their back, thus you must distract them by tossing a grenade, they will start running around and that is where you can get a clear shot.

Another points that should be mentioned about surviving them is avoiding their green lasers, the green lasers are strong enough to take most of the Energy Shield. In order to avoid it you must know where it is going to, and the only way to know is that the Hunters usually launch it at your current position, so moving to a new location should do it. And another thing to note when approach one and trying to aim for the neck, they will dash in a very great velocity, and their momentum alone is deadly enough.

[edit] Halo 3 Hunter Strategies

In Halo 3 Hunters are once again on the opposing side, however, this time, if you plan carefully Hunters are VERY simple to deal with even in Heroic difficulty. In two of the locations where you are faced with Hunters you will probably have weapons that are superbly effective against them:

  1. Tanks - Tanks can kill Hunters in a single shot.
  1. Plasma Cannon - Plasma Cannon at close range will wreak havoc on Hunters. In Heroic you can easily take down 2 Hunters using only 50 rounds from a Plasma Cannon.
  1. Gravity Hammer - the Gravity Hammer is slow, but very powerful. Against regular Brutes and other common enemies it is completely wasted. Instead, save it for use against Hunters and Brute Chieftains. Equipped with a Gravity Hammer you should be able to take out a Hunter in 2 strikes, depending on how injured the Hunter is from other weapons.

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