In Amber Clad


[edit] Overview

In Amber Clad is an UNSC frigate, the classification number for the In Amber Clad is FFG-142. The commander of the Frigate is Commander Miranda Keyes. Like most Frigates it's main gun is the MAC Gun.

In Amber Clad inside of High Charity

[edit] Battles

[edit] Battle of Earth

In Amber Clad was first seen in Cairo Station when Commander Keyes was accepting an award for her father. When the Covenant attacked, In Amber Clad did not get involved but did catch the Master Chief after he jumped from the Cairo Station and returned the bomb to the Covenant.

[edit] Battle of New Mombasa

After catch the Master Chief, In Amber Clad headed to New Mombasa in Africa to assist the marines in fighting off the foot soldiers. While the battle took place the In Amber Clad acted as Headquarters for the UNSC. When the Prophet of Regret proceeded to flee, the In Amber Clad was the only ship close enough to follow through the slipspace. This was after the Fleet Admiral Sir Terrence Hood gave the word to follow.

[edit] Battle of Delta Halo

After the In Amber Clad came out of slipspace, it was directly above the Delta Halo. Straight away Commander Keyes sent Master Chief and some of his ODSTs to the ground. There mission was to kill the Prophet of Regret. While this was happening, In Amber Clad went to the Quarantine zone to collect the Index. Once there the ship got taken over b the flood, with only a few Marines surviving.

[edit] The Battle of High Charity

The final scene you see the In Amber Clad is in High Charity where it crashes into the planet after being flow in by the flood, it was also discussed that Cortana would blow up the In Amber Clad to destroy the Halo Rings but it was not necessary.

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