Invasion Slayer

Invasion Slayer is a gametype that debuted in the video game Halo: Reach. In the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta, it is an alternative to Invasion in the Invasion playlist, and is played on the multiplayer map Boneyard. It is very similar to Invasion, except the victory is based soley on which team obtains the most kills, much like conventional Team Slayer. However, unlike Team Slayer, the teams are Spartans battling Elites, each side with it's own advantages and disadvantages.

[edit] Squads

Much like Invasion, each side is given three squads of two. When respawning, you may choose to spawn on your partner, or you can spawn at your base.

[edit] Tiers

As the game goes on, different tiers are unlocked. Each successive tier brings more advanced weaponry to each side's available classes.

[edit] Reinforcements

Within the map, there is always one designated area in which either team may capture. Once the area is captured, new weapons (or "reinforcements", as the game calls it) are dropped in. As the game goes on, the weapons and vehicles dropped become stronger. Although you may win without capturing territories, it's strongly suggested that you capture them for the better weaponry. Otherwise, you will be stuck with your starter weapons from the available classes.

This is one brand new function in Halo Reach. Never before in any Halo have we seen this type of gameplay feature. These reinforcements, for Covenant, are usually things like Banshees, Ghosts or Wraits. The covenant have the diversity needed in their vehicle reinforcements to allow diversity in each reinforcement drop without repetition. On the Human side, however, you will usually either find a Scorpion or a weapons cache consisting of a Rocket Launcher and a Sniper Rifle. In some ways, depending on the player holding it, this can be better than any vehicular reinforcements and can easily turn the battle around if the weapons are used to the best of their abilities by good players. I would always recommend you try for the reinforcements, as even though they are not part of the game, they can turn the tide of the battle at any stage.

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