Iron Skull

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"Death carries a heavy price..."

This Halo 3 skull is found at the end of the very first level, Sierra 117. It can be found near the end relatively easily. After clearing off the bridge that leads to Johnson and company's 'jail cell' jump up onto the platform on the right where Jackals were firing from. From there, you should be able to jump up onto the roof of the building along the side, which then takes you through a straight path all the way down, where you should be overlooking the prison.

From there, turn left and walk along that path, and then right along the path that ends there, and then another right into the corner. This brings you into the corner with the skull nuzzled right there in its cozy spot. Grab it for another 10 gs and its use in Campaign. The price of this skull is that whenever you die, you go back to the start of the level as opposed to checkpoints.

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