A shot of the Sniper Rifle spawn on Isolation.

Isolation is a level that came with the original maps in Halo 3. It is a zone that seems normal on the top, but underneath the level is a bunch of areas that look to be infected by the Flood. This level also houses two bases that can be seen from apart each other on the underside of the level. It's a decent map for the variant Infection, as it has the feel of a Zombies level and can house a good Human standoff.

After about 10-15 minutes, some of the Flood infection reaches the top.


[edit] Weapons

The weapons on Isolation include:

[edit] Equipment and Powerups

[edit] Strategies

Having the Rocket Launcher is vital on this map. It can take out any vehicles, and is powerful in close quarters. Grabbing the regenerator and having a Battle Rifle is also helpful, as the map is fairly small and all open targets are prone to the Battle Rifle.

[edit] Vehicles

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