Ivory Tower


[edit] Overview

Ivory tower is a map from Halo 2's multiplayer. It was a human-based map. An indoor level that can only really be described as a sort of small palace from somewhere on earth. The map consisted of 3 separate levels. The basement, the spawn level and the upper balcony level. It was a map that worked best for slayer variants, as the lack of symmetrical bases or even any bases whatsoever, unless you count being spawn at complete opposite ends of the map as being real bases, made it more difficult to balance an objective type game.

One of the two main areas of the map is the picture shown in the picture. It's the wide open area at the small waterfall, where the Rockets spawn. A wide, circular area made this end of the map, as well as an upper tier to the circular area, accessible by a set of stairs at either side of the area.

The circular area then leads off to the left and right. Facing the top balcony, leading off to the left will bring you to a fork. One side will lead up a ramp that leads straight up to the balcony, the second most focal part of the map. Going the other way at the bottom of the ramp will lead down to underneath the waterfall in the circular area, where another one of the power weapons spawns.

Going right from the large circular area will lead you into another two-tiered room. The bottom part has nothing much to speak of, besides the air vents that will shoot you up to the top level. The top level is the second way of reaching the balcony. There are three ways of getting up there.

The third was is accessible by going down to underneath the waterfall. directly in front of the waterfall is a corridor that leads up to a lift. The lift goes up in increments, stopping at each level of the map. Bottom, middle and Balcony. There are Fusion Coils at each point on the lift, and because of how violently and fast the lift moved, they would smash into the roof of the balcony if you sent them up the lift. A sneaky player would send the Fusion coils up first to do some damage to anybody who was already up there.

The balcony is the second focal point of the map. The Balcony itself looks out over the large circular area of the bottom of the map, and has a corridor leading up to either side of the balcony. This left the Balcony as the most open part of the map, but also the most elevated, making it the most advantageous place to be for shoot-outs.

[edit] Weapons

The large weapon spawns for Ivory Tower are as follows:

    • Rocket Launcher - The rocket launcher spawned in the drain/waterfall part of the map, right in the center of the circular spawn at the bottom of the map. The new map Powerhouse, from Halo Reach is very reminiscent of this, as the Rockets spawn down in a dam that looks much like where they spawned in the Ivory Tower. Sneaky players used to come to the waterfall underneath, as the game started. If one player crouched and another one stood on that player's head and looked straight up, it was possible to jump and grab the rockets through the floor, as there was only a vent in the way.
    • Energy Sword - Spawned underneath the Rockets, in the position I mentioned from which the rockets could be grabbed by the more underhand of players.
    • Sniper Rifle - Spawned on the balcony. At the top of the map where everything was visible. How apt.

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