John Forge

John Forge is one of the main characters in Halo Wars, he was first introduced into the Halo Universe in that game.

He is a Sergeant in the United Nations Space Command Marine Crops force, he is known for his strong character which is seen in the conflict between him and another officier which cause to serve a jail time, though he was then reassigned to the UNSC Spirit of Fire later on. He was born in Earth, 2502 and died on February in 2531 after sacrificing himself.

[edit] Bio

[edit] Early Life

John was into the military line since his very first years in his life, his first engagement in this line was his early life at a boot camp when he was just 16 years old. This can be based on his family heritage, since they started to take place in the military line since the second World War. John had a wife that he rarely make contact with, and a young daughter.

Due to his strong well and strong strength to accomplish his wishes and objectives, and getting anything to its point and expected condition, he was then assigned to be a permanent member in the Marine Crops. Despite his known flaw and the failure he achieved in his psychological exams, he is still a trusted and well respected man among his fellow Marines. Though he have a very hard end and strong nerve, he is likely to disobey commands and protocols to succeed in his missions, reckless to some officers. He is stuck in the Sergeant rank and hope for no promotion, due to his background of paying a time in prison, 2 years for assaulting a fellow officer.

[edit] In-Game Informations

  1. Abilities
    1. Carpet Bomb
    2. Super Unit- Grizzlies (Upgrade Scorpions completely to unlock)
    3. Bonus- When Supply Pads are bought, they come "pre-packed" heavily instead. They now cost 225 Supplies per Pad.
    4. Unique Unit- Cyclops (Can repair units with an upgrade and kill building with ease)

PromeThium's Philosophy/Guide to Sergeant Forge

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