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Juggernaut is a free-for-all multiplayer gametype that was featured in all of the Halo Trilogy which evolved from Halo:CE's Oddball . In this gametype, one random player, aptly named the "Juggernaut", is chosen as the opponent to the other players. The goal of the Juggernaut is to continue to kill as many of the other players as possible without dying, each one earning him a point. If a player manages to kill the Juggernaut, then they become the Juggernaut themselves, gain the Killed Juggernaut medal, and the prior Juggernaut becomes one of the normal players.
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Since the Juggernaut is highly outnumbered, he is often given special attributes, particularly an Overshield. In Halo Reach the juggernaut have a flaming helmet. However, depending on the variant of the gametype, the attributes are subject to change.

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