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Loadouts is a new feature added to the Halo Reach multiplayer to give the game an extra level of entertainment.
Each layout is different based on which gametype you choose. Some of the classes have the different powerups such as the ability to run quite fast, have a jetpack for a birds eye view of the playing field, a cloak to let you sneak up on the opponents while making their radars useless (walking radar jammer pretty much), and the ability to go into a lock down mode where you are invincible to anything until you are out of the mode.

Also another feature of the different loadouts is picking better weapons for the verying situation. Weather an assault rifle and a pistol for close combat fighting or a DMR for long range battles. Loadouts cater to a lot of different playstyles. Here are the main components of a loadout:

[edit] Loadout Components

Plenty of different options are available for loadouts. It's not clear yet as to whether or not we will be able to completely customize our loadouts in the final product, but as of now, there is already plenty of variety in the available loadouts. Armour Ability, Primary, Secondary and Grenades are the 4 main parts to a Loadout.

[edit] Primary Weapon

In a TDM match, he primary weapon is usually something accurate like a DMR or Needle Rifle. Assault Rifles and Plasma Repeaters are readily available for the player who prefers the up close and full auto approach.

In Arena Slayer, your loadout is more confined, to make the playing field more even. You will only have the choice of 2 Loadouts. One being a DMR, 2 Frag Grenades, the Sprint armour ability and no secondary. Or another loadout with a Needle Rifle, one Plasma Grenade, and, again, the Sprint armour ability. Like I say, this is just to make sure no player has an unfair advantage over any other player.

In a gametype like Invasion, the Loadouts are dynamic. Each phase of the game brings more variety to the game, giving you heavier weapons like Grenade Launchers and Shotguns to fit with the more urgent gameplay phases.

[edit] Secondary Weapon

The secondary weapon is usually optional. You will usually spawn with either a Magnum or nothing at all.

[edit] Armour Ability


This is the main part of the Loadouts. Second only to the Primary weapon, the armour ability governs what overall playstyle you are going to be using. For instance, the "Assassin" loadout consists of a close range weapon, the Assault Rifle, and the Active Camouflage Armour Ability. This means you will be more suited to playing stealthily, at close range, than say, the "Assault" Loadout. This one consists of a DMR and the Sprint armour ability. Obviously, this will mean you are more suited to mid to long range combat, and the Sprint ability will give you the ability to get into good advantageous positions over the enemy or make a hasty escape if some Assassin with their Assault Rifle and Active Camo manages to get the jump on you.

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