Lockout is one of the original maps to come out with Halo 2. It was used in MLG tournaments and was overall one of the most popular maps in the game. Many Halo fans consider Lockout to be the best map ever designed for the entire game series. A remake of Lockout, called Blackout was recently released for Halo 3 multiplayer.


[edit] Overview

Lockout was one of the most popular maps in Halo 2 in it's day. It was favoured by almost every MLG competition because the map was perfectly sized and balanced to hot competitive games on. It was a floating level, much like Ascension, except smaller. The map consisted of four separate buildings, each connected in someway or another. There were three different levels to Lockout. The basement level was rarely used. There was a danger spot at the bottom of the sniper tower, because there was a clear line of sight all the way through from the other end of the map, making it unsafe to approach from underneath, because there was practically nowhere effective to hide from someone in the tower. The sniper tower was the building that usually saw most action. The clue is in the name. This was the tower where the sniper rifle spawned. Two walkways joined it to the other buildings and a platform at the top let players make a hasty escape if you were being assaulted from the front.

The building down the long ramp from the Sniper Tower was where the shotgun spawned. It had a Gravity Lift to propel players upstairs. The lift was dangerous, because it spat you out right where you could be seen by all three buildings.

The other elevated platform on Lockout was on the other building, directly across from the Sniper building. It was a raised platform that was accessible by the back part of the building. The Fusion Cores at the back of the Sniper Tower were visible form here, giving the cunning player an opportunity to take out a waiting sniper, or knock the Sniper Rifle down into the middle of the map with the explosion from the coils.

The last building was simply a plain room with no weapon spawns worth speaking of. There was a hatch in the floor that would lead a player right down to the Energy Sword spawn.

[edit] Weapons

The weapons on Lockout include:

  • Battle Rifle - Spawns in multiple locations, including the top of the tower, directly across from the Sniper Rifle spawn and at the top of the Gravity Lift.
  • Energy Sword - Spawns on a walkway underneath the map. It is possible to drop right onto the sword from above in the building to the right as you face off the sniper rifle platform.
  • Shotgun - Spawned on the bottom floor of the building where the gravity lift is. Either take the risk and run down the corridor that only has one exit, or drop down from above, underneath the middle of the map.
  • SMG - Misc. spawn.
  • Sniper Rifle - Focal point of the map. The sniper rifle spawns on the platform above the center of the map, beside the fusion coils, on the tower platform.

[edit] Powerups

  • None

[edit] Strategies

There are 3 "bases" on the map, each at a different height in the map. The tallest base is good for sniping, but the sniper rifle respawns at the other end of the map. The sniper respawn base is great for a team to camp at, as all the entries into the base are in the open, and enemies are vulnerable to attack if they ever decide to approach your base. The third base has a gravity lift and is close to the shotgun respawn, which is helpful, but it is also wide open to snipers and there are minimal places to take cover.

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