Long Night of Solace

Long Night of Solace is the first space fight level which the player controls a Sabre and fights ship to ship combat, this is the first Space fight in the whole Halo games. It is the Sixth level and the fifth playable in Halo: Reach. Noble Team is sent to the Sabre Program Base which is covered in Covenant. Once they take it back, Jorge-052 and Noble Six are sent up to take the fight to the Covenant in space. Once in the air, they try and load a make shift, bomb onto a Corvette and send it to the Super Carrier. In which one of Noble Team make a noble sacrifice.


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] First Floor: Aliens, Beaches, Secret Launch Stations

Follow Noble Team up the beach to the Sabre launch pad. On your way, you will meet a lot of infantry. Kill them as they will get in your path. As you fight up there will be a lot of Grunts with a lot of Elites for Back up. Once inside there will be just one Elite you will have to kill. After that you can go straight to the Sabre with no trouble. This will activate a cut scene.

[edit] Operation: Upper Cut

Drive around getting use to the controls after a while the Space Banshees appear. This section does not need that much explaining, drive around killing the Banshees. The best weapon for the Banshees is the rockets but for the Seraphs like mentioned you will have to take down their shields with the Machine Guns first before the Missiles do damage. After the waves of Banshees and Seraphs are destroyed Phantoms will arrive, these are best killed by Missiles. Although they do have shields at the front of the ship, so if you are planning to attack from the front, use the machine gun. Once the phantoms are destroyed, a cut scene will appear.

After the cut scene is finished, follow the tasks given. This includes killing the Corvette’s Engines and some more Banshees and Seraphs. Once they are killed head into the Corvette. Where let another cut scene will happen.

[edit] And The Horse You Flew In On…

Jump down and assassinate the two Elites. Once they are done head to the Hanger. At the hanger, once you walk in directly above you there is a hologram. You can take that if you want. Kill all the Elites and Grunts and open the shield doors for Jorge.

Head to the left of the Pelican and through the doors. There will be two Elites, One Ultra and One Zealot Kill them and move on. Once in the bridge try and assassinate as many Elites before they spot you as it is easy. Once done activate the refuelling sequence and get back to Jorge.

Once in the Hanger, you will have to defend it for a while. Behind the Pelican are a health pack and some Armour Abilities. There are some weapons too, including a DMR, Sniper Rifle and a Rocket Launcher. Once they are dead the level finishes. The next level is Exodus.

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