Machine Gun Turret

Heavy Machine Gun
Ammunition (Attached)Infinite
Ammunition (Detached)200 rounds
Accuracy (Attached)Medium/Average
Accuracy (Detached)Low/Poor

[edit] Introduction

The AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun is standard support equipment for all UNSC forces. Able to spit out nearly 10 rounds per second, the mounted variant of HMG is understandably adept at punching a hole in the enemy's ranks. When detached from its stand, the HMG must rely on the remnant of its ammunition belt - 200 rounds. A player encumbered by the weapon loses the ability to run. Furthermore, owing to the turret's sheer weight, both hands are required to manipulate it; this disables the ability to throw grenades while carrying it.

[edit] Installation Sites


High Ground

Last Resort

Rat's Nest



The Pit


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