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[edit] Overview

This level's events directly proceed the level Outskirts. You will start on the bridge where you left off after Outskirts. Your main goal of the level is to catch up with the Scarab that's destroying New Mombasa and find your way aboard the huge Covenant Cruiser that the Prophet of Regret is on.

[edit] Ladies Like Armour Plating

Hop into the Scorpion and start heading across the bridge. This bridge will be heavily fortified as the Covenant are not only invading Earth, but they are trying to protect their prophet as well as their Scarab in the area. You will start across the bridge to find that there are many Ghosts and Elites hiding behind ruined busses and trucks. Take them out one by one with your Scorpion's main gun.

After a few Ghosts and some light ground forces, you will be attacked by a pair of Phantom's. Use the Scorpion's main gun to shoot off the Plasma Cannons on the underside of the Phantom and they will fly off once their cannons have been blown up. Head on across the bridge and you will encounter wave upon wave of Ghosts. They will pose no threat to you as long as you are accurate and fast with your Scorpion tank. One direct shot or even a splash damage shot with the Scorpion's main gun will destroy a Ghost. When you take out all the resistance on the bridge, you will encounter more on the greeting platform on the opposite side of the bridge.

A couple of Ghosts will come out of the mouth of the tunnel. When you take them out you will get a checkpoint and some Banshees will spawn above along with some Ghosts spawning on the bridge behind you. Be careful here. When you turn around to take out the Ghosts, two Wraiths will come out of the tunnel and start gunning for you. Be sure to take them out as fast as you can as their mortar strikes can destroy your tank in no time. Once you've taken out any more vehicles that decide to pop up, go into the tunnel. A good tactic I've always used in the tunnel is to use the Scorpion's main gun to shoot at any upended vehicles in the tunnel. A lot of them have Elites and Grunts hiding behind them, so the explosion from the vehicle itself will destroy them with not much trouble. When you continue on down to the point where the friendly Warthog is, you will have to dismount the Scorpion as there is a large blockade in the tunnel at this point. One of the troops that's in the Warthog will be holding a Shotgun. Swap it for one of your weapons as you will need it when you cross the blockade.

Go up the ramp on the side of the blockade. There will be a lot of ruined vehicles down in the tunnel. When you drop down, a lot of Elites and Grunts with some Jackals will spawn. Use grenades to make them scatter, then use the destroyed vehicles as cover from them. This makes it easy to bait the enemies in, then use your shotgun at close range to finish them off. Once you kill this wave of enemies, a few Jackals will spawn on the back wall. Some with Plasma Shields and some with Beam Rifles. Take them out and continue out the back of the tunnel, up the ramp. Be careful as there is sometimes some jackals or an elite hiding in the circular part of the tunnel. Then head up to the mouth of the tunnel to continue to the next part of the level.

[edit] This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us

You'll come out of the tunnel to find an oblivious Jackal standing in front of you. Take him out and grab his Beam Rifle if you so wish. When you jump down off the ledge, Sargent Johnson will arrive on a Gauss Warthog and tell oyu to get on the gun. This is the first time you will get to use the Gauss Hog. It drives the exact same as a regular Warthog, but the turret on the back fires concentrated energy bursts instead of having a mounted turret. The Sargent will make laps around the open area and let you shoot up at the jackals on the center platform. Once you've taken them out you will be able to move on. If you pay attention to the background, you can see the Scarab making it's way through the city.

After you've taken out the Jackals, a few Ghosts will spawn. You can either desstroy them or get out of the Hog and hijack one. Hijacking one will make the next section easier, so I would recommend you jump out of the Hog and steal one. The next section of the map is the small amphitheater type clearing to the right of where you dropped down. You will find a couple of Ghosts and a Wraith down ther, as well as some sniping jackals. The ghost is better to use for this spot as being the driver in the Warthog leaves you open to fire, because your AI compatriots have not got the most accurate eyes in the world and you'll find yourself driving rings around the Wraith while they don't even hit it, so use your Ghost to destroy them all and continue in through the large archway behind the Wraith.

The waterfall walkway will lead you through to the penultimate showdown of the level. You will find a Warthog already fighting off some Ghosts. Help him out and continue on up the road. Up the incline in the road you will find a number of Ghosts, as well as some Wraiths and some ground forces. This is where you will shine from the last checkpoint if you elected to take the Ghost instead of the Warthog. Your superiour maneuverability and speed will give you the cutting edge in the fight. Use your Ghost to destroy any ground forces first, then concentrate on the other vehicles. The only place where you might have some difficulty is when the Phantoms come in. Your Ghost will not take the Plasma Turrets off as easily as the Gauss Cannon on the warthog would have, but it will still do the job with some sustained fire. Once you've cleared the area of all Tanks, Ghosts, Phantoms and ground forces, dismount your ghost and head into the building at the end of the road. You will be brought upstairs. Be sure to grab the Rocket Launcher as you go up. You will need it.

When you get to the top of the stairs you will receive a great compliment, "I asked for reinforcements. I didn't expect them to send a Spartan". Just before you see the Scarab come stomping around the corner.

[edit] Field Expedient

The Scarab will come and fire it's Scarab Cannon at a Scorpion Tank stationed on the ground in front of it, right before it walks off over the buildings into the canal on the opposite side of the building you're in. Naturally, this is your chance to get to it and do some damage. Do to your right on the landing and head through the building. You won't find any Covenant here. There are enough coming up ahead. When you get through, you will find the Scarab already in the Canal and walking through it. There are two ways to do this part of the level, I will summarise them both:

[edit] Option 1: Rambo style

This is the real man's option. You should have kept your Shotgun from earlier if you want to pull this off properly, as well as taken the Rocket Launcher on the stairs in the previous building. As you come out to see the scarab, immediately equip the Rocket Launcher and fire 2 missiles at the deck of the mammoth, then switch to your Shotgun and jump. There is only one way up from the belly inside the Scarab, which you are about to fill with grenades and cover with a Shotgun. Jump onto the deck and bounce any frag grenades you have down the ramp into the belly of the beast, then try to make sure you don't let any of them up onto the deck so you don't have to worry about watching your back. Make your way down into the control room below and use your Shotgun to kill anybody remaining. It might be best to reload and switch back to your Rocket Launcher if you want to easily take out the two Elite pilots who have Active Camouflage and Energy Swords.

[edit] Option 2: Smart style

This option is for the smarter gamer. Instead of diving right onto the Scarab all guns blazing, you will notice that the canal is long and has a bend in it. The Scarab is incredibly slow moving, so you should make your way down the canal alongside the Scarab and take out any forces on board as they come up to the deck to try to take you on.

You will find multiple ammo drops along the canal on both sides, with rockets, shotguns shells, ammo clips and grenades all along the sides as well as on the bridges that go over the canal on multiple parts. It's as simple as firing onto the deck of the scarab until you are happy that all except the ones in the belly of the tank are gone. Then it's as simple as jumping onto the deck and going below with your Shotgun to finish off any stragglers.

A cutscene will ensue with the Scarab exploding and the Prophet or Regret trying to escape. In Amber Clad tries to follow it with the Master Chief now aboard.

Follow on to the next level. The Arbiter.

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