Midship Overview

[edit] Overview

Midship is a fan favourite map in Halo 2, which is why it was remade in Halo 3's Legendary Map Pack. What you can see in the overview picture is pretty much the entire map. It's the most symmetrical map of all of the Multiplayer maps in Halo 2, second only to Foundation. Two bases that face eachother are completely open to taking fire from the other base right as you spawn. This added an element of urgency and speed to a game, because you weren't truly safe in any part of the map. Every point of the map was high traffic.

[edit] Weapons

All of the regular weapons spawned on Midship. Battle Rifles and Carbines were the most common weapons to be seen in battles as the map was a nice mid to long range map for the majority of fights you get into. If, however, you manage to find yourself up close and personal, Midship was a map where you will generally want the Shotgun or Energy Sword.

  • Energy Sword - Spawns at the top of the map, on top of the large disk that is suspended between the two bases.
  • Shotgun - is located at the bottom of the map, on the floor right underneath the Energy Sword.

[edit] Gametypes

Midship was a small map, so it would never be found in anything larger than a 4v4 game. Even at that, Midship arguably worked best as an FFA map. 4v4 objective games also worked very well on Midship. It was a very well rounded map, which is why it boded so well with almost every played and nobody was disappointed to see it come up in the map rotation.

Neutral objective games were hectic and fast paced and one-sided objective games were tense and slow. Slayer games were always action packed, and all of this is down to the professional design of the map, how it's perfectly balanced in not only size and symmetry, but in weapon and character spawns as well as how open the entire map is.

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