Miranda Keyes

Miranda Keyes piloting the In Amber Clad

Miranda Keyes was the Commander of the UNSC ships In Amber Clad and Forward Onto Dawn. She was the daughter of Captain Jacob Keyes, who died in Halo: Combat Evolved from the Flood and Dr. Catherine Halsey. Commander Keyes, as she is often referred to, has a youthful physical appearance and short cropped black hair.

Miranda Keyes plays a critical role throughout the entire Halo series. She appears in many of the cutscenes in both Halo 2 and Halo 3, and her voice-overs help carry the story as well as giving the player instructions and information throughout the game. Along with Sgt. Johnson and Cortana, Commander Keyes is the primary source of intel and mission information for the Master Chief.

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Spoiler: Miranda Keyes spoiler in Halo 3

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