The title Monitor is given to the Artificial Intelligence bots that are created by the Forerunners. They are highly developed and has a unique personalty and virtual values and logic. They are capable of performing actions without a controller or specific commands, just general ones though, and are extremely smart. They serve mainly as guardians for the Halos and insure stable system and Flood containment, they can understand the mechanic of allies and foes, and might turn against trusted allies if got in their purpose's way. Such one "betrayal" is seen when the Monitor of Installation 04 turned against the Master Chief as soon as the Chief planned to stop him. Generally and formally they are called Monitors, but the Covenants gave them other surname, Oracles.
A render of 343 Guilty Spark

[edit] Overview

The Monitors are put in every single Installation to assure stable system and Flood Containment, they also function as the highest commander in rank for other Artificial Intelligence forms, such as the Sentinels and Constructors. Because of their function and huge responsibility, they are built to resist modern fire arms and weapons, natural effects such as weather and extreme durability. They move by hovering at multi elevations and can accelerate and travel in high velocities, they have a general spherical shape with a energy bulb in one side of its body which acts as an optical analyzer, or simply an eye. The eye glows in a certain color for different Monitors, some can glow in a red color to express their rampancy state. Monitors also have another powerful ablity, which is teleporting throughout the Installation locations at a great speed and accuracy.

The names of the Monitors seems to fallow a certain pattern, that is related to the Installation its responsible of. Despite their highly advanced logic, they lack a perfect understanding for priorities, values or concepts. They simply fallow the general laws and responsibilities they are given by the Forerunners, such as containing the Floods and destroying them if an outbreak occurred. They tend to be friendly if their ally acts in favor of their duty, and might use any available sources or aids. One of the most notable and famous Monitor is 343 Guilty Spark, he is the Monitor of Installation 04 and was the one who outsmarted the Master Chief to destroy the galaxy. Another worthy Monitor to mention is 2401 Penitent Tangent, the Monitor of Installation 05.

[edit] Notes

The Monitors are non-living Artificial Intelligence, but due to their near-human voice and highly develop logic and interacting system, "He" is seemed to be used to refer to a Monitor rather than "It".

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