Narrows is one of the original maps that came with Halo 3. It is also currently in use on the MLG pro circuit as a Capture the Flag and Slayer variant. The map houses two mirrored bases that are connected by a long bridge. The bridge houses a fairly narrow underside that allows for close combat as well as cover from fire, while a small pathway leads under the base to a powerup.


[edit] Weapons

[edit] Equipment and Powerups



[edit] Strategies

A popular strategy on this map is to dominate the middle. By doing this, you have the best chance of getting the Rocket Launcher and Shotgun when they spawn. You also have a good view on the enemy base, since the map curves upwards towards the middle like a gigantic hill. Dominating the middle essentially places the enemy team into a spawn trap, since it is extremely unlikely that they will spawn at your base. It is important to always have both the Sniper Rifles in possession for complete control of the map, otherwise the middle can be easily taken over by a good sniper on the opposing team. A good spot to snipe from on this map, besides the top-middle, is from the top one of the two sloped ledges that are at each base. Although you are further back, you are more well hidden and can still see a good majority of the map.

If your team is getting dominated from people standing in the middle, try having you and a fellow teammate go through the man-cannon and flanking them while your other teammates distract. With precise execution, you should be able to take back the middle.

[edit] Call Outs

Call outs are what you yell if you've spotted an enemy and need to inform your allies on where they are or if you had died and need to tell them where the person who killed you is. When mentioning a place that is multi-layered, most people say a number as in the level of which they are in. These are commonly used in team games such as: Team Slayer, Flag, and Assault. Here are the call outs for this map:

  • Red Spawn
  • Red Non-Cannon (Varies)
  • Red Man Cannon
  • Red Sniper or Red Bottom
  • Red Top (Varies)
  • Bottom Middle or Shotgun
  • Top Middle or Rockets
  • Blue Spawn
  • Blue Non-Cannon (Varies)
  • Blue Man Cannon
  • Blue Sniper or Blue Bottom
  • Red Top (Varies)

Combinations are also used (Ex: Blue Sniper going Man Cannon).

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