Needle Rifle

Needle Rifle
The Needle Rifle from Halo: Reach.
Ammo Capacity
Clip Capacity18

The Needle Rifle is a Covenant weapon from the video game Halo: Reach. As it is primarily a mid-long range weapon, it is considered the Covenant counterpart of the Designated Marksman Rifle. The Needle Rifle is primarily a Mid to Long range assault weapon. It has 18 needles per capsule if memory serves correctly.

Stopping Power

While the DMR and Needle Rifle are similar in their functions, the Needle rifle has the edge in a firefight because of a few factors. For one, once and opponent's shields are down, the DMR still takes either one headshot or 4/5 body shots to get the kill. When faced with an automatic weapon like the Assault Rifle or a homing weapon like the Plasma Launcher or Needler, those few extra shots can mean the difference between getting the kill or getting killed. The Needle rifle has the edge here because after the shields are taken, it takes one headshot or 3 body shots. 3 body shots will make the enemy explode in a glorious pink death explosion. It's important to note that not all three shots need to come from the same person to trigger the explosion.

Re-center Time

The Needle rifle seems to have a quicker Zero time than the DMR also. This means that when you fire your shot, your crosshair and accuracy will deteriorate sharply. You will have to wait about a half second to make sure you get your next shot on target. The Needle rifle just seems to have that extra edge on the DMR when it comes to making your second and third shots find their targets.

Magazine Capacity

The Needle rifle allows 18 needles per magazine. This is 6 whole shots more than the DMR's mag. Those extra 6 count. A lot.

All in all, the Needle Rifle is a beast of a weapon, and in the right hands it can deal untold amounts of damage to the opposing team. Learn your weapon and you will wipe the floor with the opposition.

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