Jun and Six on the Cliff

Nightfall is the fourth level of Halo: Reach and is the third playable one. This level shares similar experiences to the level Truth and Reconciliation from Halo:CE. It requires the player to use stealth and sniping skills to go behind enemy lines to gather information about the Covenant and the forces. In this process you will find some militia to help alone the way.


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] …Too Quiet

Head up to the top of the ridge directly ahead. Assassinate the elite but do not do the animation one as it will wake up the other Grunts. Beat down the grunts and jump down to the bottom, kill them too. If you walk to the left you will find an Active Camouflage and an Armour Lock. Pick whatever you want. If you continue walking up you shall see a Hologram, Health Packs and a Sniper. Collect the Sniper ammo as you can hold more of it in this level. Head shot the Elites with the sniper and use the Pistol for the Grunts. After you kill most of them a Phantom will come, do not jump down until the Elites and any easy pickings are dead. Once they are dead jump down and melee, to save bullets. In one of the buildings, one of the first ones is a shot gun if you want it. I did not pick it up as it is easier to use the Pistol, Sniper Combo.

Head over to the right and into the Warehouse. Head up the Stairs and pick of the Elite on the ledge in front of you. Clear the area and head to down to the left.

[edit] Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Let the Gúta kill the Grunts, once it finishes kill it. Be careful as it seems to recognize you if you are in Camouflage. Once they are dead proceed onwards. You will hear some gun fire, instead of running in there head up to the left and sniper. There is some more Ammo up there so you do not need to worry about picking your targets.

Once they are all dead, jump down and replace the pistol with the DMR. Get as high as possible in the middle as it is easier to kill the targets. Once they are dead go back to the spot you camped at when the Covenant were over the buildings and collect the ammo. Stock up on Ammo and move along. Proceed down the riverbed, until you first see the building.

[edit] I’ll Just Leave This Here…

If you look left there is an ammo crate, which holds DMR and an Assault Rifle this can help later. Take out the Zealot Elite first and then the other one. Once the bulk of them are dead, move in. Once in there will be a Zealot and Skirmisher in there. Once they are dead two Hunters will come. The Best bet for kill these is use the Militia as cannon Fodder and go around the back and sniper their Orange spots.

Once they are dead proceed through the gate. A Phantom will drop of enemies kill them, and then take out that Shade. Continue moving over the hill where you will find another Shade. Kill the enemies and move on. Once again over the next hill is more enemies and another Shade. Once those guys are dead, if you move on there will be a couple of Jackals and Grunts. They are the last enemies of this level. Once they are killed, move forward and activate the cut-scene. The next level is Tip of The Spear.

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