Noble Actual

Noble Actual.png

Noble Actual is the first level in Halo: Reach, although it is unplayable and just consists of a cinematic scene. The scene consists of SPARTAN-B312 meeting Noble team. This Scene also shows Colonel Urban Holland and explains the first mission.

As the scene opens, an unknown SPARTAN puts on his helmet. A Warthog is then seen driving down a long dusty road. It eventually arrives at a small outpost, and SPARTAN-B312 is seen stepping out of the Warthog. As he enters the building, both Emile-A239 and Jun-A266 can be seen. Emile is sharpening his combat knife while Jun is placing rounds into his sniper magazine. B312 is stopped by Catherine-B320, who tells her superior officer, Carter-A259 that someone has arrived. Jorge-052 then asks "This our new number six?". Carter confirms this, and then Noble Team then leaves the building, with their newest replacement member, into a Falcon.

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