[edit] Office of Naval Intelligence

Home of all of the Navy's covert operations, ONI operatives, or 'spooks' are both revered and loathed in the field. Taking orders from HighCom, or above, ONI operates at a degree of authority that very few can boast. Having given birth to projects such as SPARTAN II, ORION and MJOLNIR, most of ONI operated from their headquarters, the CASTLE structure deep within the Highland Mountains of Reach. ONI itself is divided into multiple separate, unique divisions.

[edit] Beat-5 Division

Responsible for research and design, the Beta-5 division of ONI not only occupies the deepes, most secure regions of the CASTLE facility, but also maintain laboratories and field testing sites in multiple stations both on other planets and in space. The most closely guarded division of ONI, many operatives within ONI itself may not know what goes on in Beta-5.

[edit] Section Zero

Mostly used as a self-policing force, Section zero performs and maintains internal investigations into the other divisions of ONI.

[edit] Section One

The main, most known about branch of ONI, Section one is responsible for the release of information obtained by ONI. Whether it is military information usable by the UNSC military, or evacuation notices for cities or planets, Section One is as close to a public face of ONI as there will ever be.

[edit] Section Two

The behind-the-scenes branch of ONI, Section Two is in control of what could most easily be described as damage control. Section Two monitors and handles inter-world communications, and propaganda maintenance. Responsible for the release of information pertaining to Spartan II's, Section Two came up with the initiative to label any Spartans killed in action as merely Missing in Action, so as to maintain higher morale in the field and at home. Because of Section Two activities, most of the UNSC is unaware of how bad the war with the Covenant was going.

[edit] Section Three

Responsible for ONI Special Projects, Section Three was the pushing force behind projects such as SPARTAN and MJOLNIR. For lack of better words, Section three is the black-ops division of ONI, operating in complete secrecy from the rest of ONI and the UNSC.

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