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ONI: Sword Base is the third level in Halo: Reach and is the second playable one. This level takes place at Sword Base which is located on the Babd Catha Ice Shelf, which is located near one of the Poles on Reach.

This level is about Noble Team being deployed to Sword Base to defend the building after a Covenant Corvette attacks the station. Noble 6 and Kat must defend the courtyard and protect the exterior outpost. They were then sent to activate the AA Gun and activate a Communications relay. Once those were done, they were sent back to Sword Base with the rest of Noble Team to Secure breach and eliminate air forces.


[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] The Best Defence…

Head up the left, up the stairs. This spot gives a good vantage point. There will be two Jackals up there when you first go up, then an Elite will appear. Kill them, if you take health, there is a health packet to the left of the stairs from where you first came from. If you move all the way to the end, there will be a sniper rifle. Head down the ramp and kill the Skirmishers. Grab the Target Locator and move forward.

[edit] Get The Hell Off My Lawn!

Use the Target Locator to destroy both of the Wariths. Once there drive you whichever way you want, for this walkthrough I have driven West, which will take me to the AA Cannon or the Anti-Air Cannon. Go around the corner, kill the Ghost and the Grunts. Head around and kill the enemies on the floor, do not try to kill all of them as it is an endless wave until you activate the AA Gun. Once Activated get back in the Warthog and drive to the Communication Relay. If you want in the other building there is a sniper rifle.

Follow the road to the East until it gets to the Communication tower. Up ahead there will be two Ghosts and Two Elites. Kill them and move along the level. Up ahead is the Communication Relay. The first building has the Generator which needs to be activated. Get out and activate being wary there is grunts in there. If you proceed across the bridge there is yet another Sniper Rifle. On the opposite building there is the Communications Relay. After you activated the Generator a dropship would have dropped of Skirmishers. Kill them and activate the Communication Relay.

[edit] Minimum Safe Distance

Get in the Gauss Warthog and follow the path around. Be Careful as around the first corner there is a Revenant. Over the final corner there are two Revenants and some infantry. Kill them and proceed into the building. If you still have your Target Locator, you can kill all the infantry inside with one bullet. But be careful as the targets do move closer to you. Once those guys are dead move inside and kill the [[Hunter|Hunters]. Once they are dead go to the destination and activate the elevator.

Once down the elevator, you will face two Grunts and One Elite. Kill them and move into the next fight and join the rest of Noble Team. Killing the targets as you move throw the floors. You should also gather some marines to help you in the fight. On the third floor you can go door stairs to kill the elites on continue to the top and killing anyone in your way, it is up to you. Once at the top grab a rocket Launcher and destroy the Phantom.

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