ONI Alpha Site

Oni Alpha Site is one of the Maps Avaiable for Firefight in Halo 3 : ODST.

Remember that stage in the campaign where you had to first fight your way to get into the building only to get attacked by Buggers in the elevator? Or where you had to blow up the bridge at the start of the level? This stage has been revamped into a well planned map.

There are two different spawn areas that are at a 90 degree angle from each other. From these spawn points there is a "Intersection" at the middle of the stage where most of the fighting goes on. Honestly, you never want to be in this area unless it is totally nessecary.To the left or right of your spawning area is a medkit and 2 SMGs and 2 Pistols along with some grenades should you run out. Also in the spawn can be found another 2 Medkits just in case. There is also a Sniper Rifle and a Shotgun between the two spawn points as well as a Rocket Launcher in the middle of the outside area on one of the inner walls.

Best Weapon Set Up : 2 People have SMG and a Explosive Weapon and 2 have a Plasma Pistol and Pistol.

The first few waves of enemies are not much seeing as if you split up two people on either side you can "spawn kill them" before they come down the stairs. Burst shot the Drones with SMGs when they come and leave the rest to the others until the Hunters/Chieftians. This is when you bring out your trusty rocket launcher.

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