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Oddball is a multiplayer objective gametype from the Halo series, which can be played with either teams or as a free-for-all match. The term also refers to the central object of the game, which players must carry in order to score points.

[edit] Objective

The objective of Oddball is to carry the Oddball (shaped like a Skull) for a longer total time than your opponents, until one player either reaches the maximum score, or the time limit is up. Each second of holding the ball is rewarded with one point.

[edit] Strategy

In team Oddball battles, teammates must protect the ball carrier while the ball is in their possession. Allowing the ball carrier to die would give the other team(s) the ball. A common strategy to prevent the ball from falling in the enemy's hands is to jump off the ledge of the map just before dying with the ball. This will reset the ball to it's original position, giving your teammates a chance to once again be the team to recover the ball. This will lead to teams often protecting the ball near areas with ledges where they can fall off, so they can be sure to reset the ball upon death.

On maps that otherwise do not allow you to "fall off", it's typically best to keep the ball in areas that are easier to protect, such as small areas with a lot of cover. Ball carriers can kill instantly by meleeing with the ball under normal circumstances, so these areas are often the best to be in if you are carrying the ball.

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