Oh, So That's How It Is

Difficulty: 3/5

This mission is not long, and not hard, but it starts off a bit rough since you are heavily outgunned by Brutes wielding Plasma Cannons, grenades, and Brute Shots. Start by getting the Energy Sword and using it to dispatch the first few Brutes at close range. Then, duel wielding Plasma Cannons, take out the Brutes one by one as you encounter them. After you clear the first checkpoint you are joined by some Elites who will take point. The rest of the mission will be straightforward, use your choice of weapon, though the Brute Shot will come in handy. If your allies last long into the mission they are valuable because they will aggressively take out most Brutes with their Energy Swords. Sadly, your Elite allies will likely not make it through to the next stage.

Next stage: Step Aside, Let The Man Go Through

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