Orbital is a Multiplayer map that is featured in Halo 3's Mythical Map Pack. It is a docking-station that is located in the Quito Space Tether space elevator which connects it to South America back on earth. The map is U shaped and includes two hallways that lay above each other, where players from both teams can see their Oppenheimer's respawn base. Orbital have two operable doors and a stress or choke point that get smaller in the middle.


This map got a good look of high level of technology, with display screens, wires, devices and windows viewing Earth. Access to higher level of the map is not available. It was intended to call this map "Moonbase Alpha", then it was changed to "Space Camp" and into "Orbital". The Orbital Skull can be found in this map which will earn you the Orbital Skull Achievement.

[edit] Weapons

You can find the following weapons in this map:

[edit] Equipments

You can find the following equipments in this map:

[edit] Vehicles

You can find the following vehicles in this map:

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